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Spring Semester 2000

This is my second year working at Virgil Middle School and I love it. I teach mathematics Track B, grades 6 and 8, and also teach a Math thru Art course. I am a Co-Director of the Mars Rover Project and a participant of the California Technology and Literacy Challenge Grant, Phase III.

The mission of this website is to encourage my students(and parents) to use the internet as a purposeful and meaningful way to communicate with me and learn about the content and direction of the classes I teach. I hope you find it useful!

I welcome suggestions!


* Extracredit: Visit my college's website and look for its address and telephone number. Then, email me your findings. (Don't forget your proper heading!)

* Notebook check (Feb 22 - Feb 25)

* I will need volunteers all this week to clean my room.
I must remove all the decorations before we go off-track.

* There will be extra credit work over the break.
Check this page regularly. Work will be posted.

Please check your period to see if I have any special announcements only for your class...


I will try my best to keep this site current with our class activities and projects. This will be particularly helpful if you are absent. Please click on your period and check the daily agenda to see what assignments you may have missed and need to make up.


It is your responsibility to find out what work you are missing!
Late work looses points!

Links to the Periods I Teach

PERIOD 1 (Math 8)
PERIOD 2 (Math 6)
PERIOD 3 (Conference)
PERIOD 4 (Math thru Art lets see what happens)
PERIOD 5 (Expl. Math
PERIOD 6 (Math 6)
PERIOD 7 (Expl. Math)
PERIOD 8 (Math 8)

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Mars Rover Project 2000
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