Expressive Writing
Roseville Middle School Teacher

Our next project in Expressive Writing class is going to focus on Informational Writing.  Last week, we as a class, voted to work on a community garden/flowers.

Listed below are some of the flowers we'll be researching.  Links are provided. 1 Slide per Heading Below is good.  Watch your spelling and punctuation, too.
Things to include in your power point presentation:
Name of Plant
1.  When to plant
2.  Where to plant (Zone)
3.  Annual or Perennial
4. Spacing
5. Watering needs
6. Soil needs
7. Pests/Diseases
8. Uses
9. Picture(s) of your plant
10. Other interesting Facts you learned

As you finish your informational presentation, go down to the bottom links and practice writing and identifying Topic Sentences, Detail Sentences, and Conclusion Sentences.
Useful links
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