mrsgarcia Señora Garcia
Topeka Regional High School Spanish teacher

Remember!!  Your essays on "Noche y dia" are due next Weds.  Don't forget permission slips for Thursday's field trip!


Monday, March 18
Chapter 6 review.  Lecture on forms of ser and estar.  Read culture note on pp. 123-4.

Tuesday, March 19
Continued lecture of ser and estar.  Drill practice in class.  Homework p. 127, 1-4, 5, 7.

Wednesday, March 20
Meet in language lab.  Audio practice, chapter 6.

Thursday, March 21
Intro to chapter 7.  Lecture on weather expressions.  Homework:  write two paragraphs using the vocab on p. 134.  You must use at least eight new vocab words!

Friday, March 22
Meet in language lab.  Online quiz over chapter 6.  Afterwards, audio practice for chapter 7.

Homework policy

Homework is due by the beginning of class.  I deduct 10% for each day late.  100% credit is given for homework, as long as you have made an honest effort.  Homework is 40% of your overall class grade, so I can't stress enough the importance of taking it seriously.
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