Freeport High School Maestra de español 1, 2, 3

1/05  Oral Make ups
1/06  WB 148-50
1/07  FIESTA and scantron make ups
1/08  WB 151-3
1/09  Text 30-31

       All work and missing tests due 1/09. Quarterly exams may be retaken until 1/13 before or after school. I will be available every day except the afternoon of 1/8.

There was extra credit on here 11/16-12/13 and no one did it. Since there is a website that goes with the book and I have to pay for this one, this site will be discontinued as of 2nd semester.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Direct Object Pronouns
Direct Object Pronouns - Rags to Riches
Capítulo 11: Direct Object Pronouns Attached To Infinitives
Avancemos 2 Unit 1 Lesson 1 Vocabulary
El pretérito / Verbos regulares en -ar
Pretérito (-ar)
El Pretérito de DAR - (copy)
The Preterite of Hacer and Ir
Capítulo 12: Indirect Objects
Complemento Indirecto
Indirect object pronouns
Capítulo 11: Preterite of VER and Review of the Present of VER - (copy)
El gerundio
Español 3: el cuerpo humano y la salud
El Cuerpo
El Cuerpo
Parts of the head in Spanish
El Cuerpo -- Body Parts (with pictures)
El presente del progresivo (-ing sentences)
el pretérito (ir/ser/tener/poder/hacer)
Irregular Preterite Verbs
irregular preterites
J-verb various tenses
Present Tense and Present Progressive Tense
Preterit (irregular verbs)
Preterite review ar, car, gar,zar
Pretérito Special Conjugations
REFLEXIVOS Verbos Reflexivos en el presente del indicativo
REFLEXIVOS - Reciprocidad
SP2/3--Preterit tense--andar, estar, tener
chap6 "u" verbs preterite and mixed tenses - (copy)
Decir present and preterit tense.
Dormir in the present and preterite tenses
El pretérito - (copy)
El pretérito - (copy)
El Pretérito (Conjugaciones) - (copy)
Llegar in the present and preterite tenses
preterito challenge - (copy)
Pretetite Tense of Stem-changing Verbs for ¡Ya Verás! Nivel 2
Reflexive Pronouns - (copy)
Reflexive Verbs - (copy)
¿Reflexivo o no? - (copy)
Saber in the Present and Preterite tenses
Salir in the present and preterite tenses
"U" Group Preterite
Avancemos 2 - 3.2
Avancemos 2 - 3.2 - irregular and stem-changing preterite verbs
Avancemos 2 - 3.2 vocabulario
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