Freeport High School Maestra de Español I, II & III

1/05  Oral make ups and Holiday reading
1/06  WB 318-20
1/07  FIESTA and scantron make ups
1/08  WB 321-23
1/09  Text 36-37

       All work and missing tests due 1/09. Quarterly exams may be retaken until 1/13 before or after school. I will be available every day except the afternoon of 1/8.

There was extra credit on here 11/16-12/13 and no one did it. Since there is a website that goes with the book and I have to pay for this one, this site will be discontinued as of 2nd semester.
My Quia activities and quizzes
-Ar verb conjugation
ER Verbs
Regular Verb Conjugations - (copy)
Querer and Preferir
Dormir in the present and preterite tenses
Poder in the Present Tense
Poner in the present and preterit tense
Stem-Change/Boot Verbs - Present Tense I
Stem-Changing Verbs - (copy)
Stem-changing Verbs for ¡Ya Verás! Nivel 2
Verb Review #1 from Spanish 1
Verb Review #2 from Spanish 1
What kind of stem-changing verb is it? - (copy)
DIME 5-2 Stem changing verbs (conjugations)
Unidad 4-2: O->UE Shoe verbs
Stem-changing verbs
Stem Changing Verbs O to UE
Stem Changing Verbs E to IE # 1 - U1 L2
Stem Changing Verbs O to UE # 1
Avancemos: Unidad 4 Lección 1 e-ie stem-changing verbs
El verbo almorzar
Los Verbos Poder, Pensar, y Querer
El verbo pedir
Ir in the present tense
El Verbo Estar - (copy)
El Verbo Ser - (copy)
Muy Bien A - Los colores
Los Colores
Ser and Estar
¿Ser or Estar?
Ser y Estar
Ordinal Numbers - (copy)
A bordo Capítulo 10 mandatos con tú
2.3.2 Mandatos informales afirmativos 2
2.3.2 Mandatos informales afirmativos 2
3.2.1 Mandatos informales afirmativos
comparatives and superlatives
A Bordo Cap. 3 Comparativos
Irregular Yo Verbs
Irregular Yo Verbs - Columns
Paso a Paso A Ch. 2, Sec. 1 Las Clases/Ordinal #'s
Números ordinales
los numeros ordenales
La "a" personal
Preterite review ar, car, gar,zar
Saber y conocer
Pretérito (-ar)
Saber and Conocer
Español 3: el cuerpo humano y la salud
El Cuerpo
El Cuerpo
Parts of the head in Spanish
El Cuerpo -- Body Parts (with pictures)
Conjugate regular -ER/-IR verbs: leer, beber, comer, escribir, asistir (a), recibir. - (copy)
El Pasado - (copy)
El pretérito - (copy)
El pretérito - (copy)
El pretérito / Verbos regulares en -ar
El Pretérito (Conjugaciones) - (copy)
Preterit Jeopardy - (copy)
Pretérito (Verbos Regulares) - (copy)
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