McLane High School Modern World History teacher/golfer!
This is a list of all of the activities/quizzes that Mr. Wilson has created for his Modern World History class.  McLane High School and Fresno Unified have adopted the textbook, "Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction" copyright McDougal-Littell, 1999.

Mr. Wilson
McLane High School
Fresno, CA
My Quia activities and quizzes
Art/Literature/Music in the 1800s
Do you know a realist from a romantic?
Artists of the Industrial Age
Is it Keats or Shelly? Percy or Mary?
Imperialism in the 1800s
Rule the World!!! (or at least try to!)
French Revolution and Napoleon
Heads will Roll! Take a quiz about the French Revolution!
The Evolution of Democratic Government
Let Freedom Ring! Do you know how democracy started?
World War I/The Great War
The Great War--Biplanes/Subs/Trenches!
From Neo-Classical to Impressionist
Can you pick the style of the paintings?(good for visual learners)
The Industrial Revolution
Railroads, iron, steel, etc al.
Imperialism in Africa
Europeans take over Africa for a variety of reasons.
China Moves toward Isolation
China: Alone in the World
China in the 1800s
Rebellions, Imperialists and Opium!yikes
China in the 20th Century
Red, Red and Red...Mao as god.
China Since 1970
What's this? consumer goods with no political freedom?
French Revolution and Napoleon - (copy)
Video Journalism Terms #1 - (copy)
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