What are the compare and contrast essays and their importance

Usually, students consider essay writing an overwhelming job. Sometimes, students fret out by following the same routine that composes the essays repeatedly. It is human nature that a person starts contemplating a particular job as tedious when it has to follow it repeatedly. The same feeling occurred in the students when they have to compose several writing pieces to complete their academic programs.


It is imperative to bring in students' notice that academic writing is the last resort for students. Therefore, the students need to learn the predefined academic rules. Only then the students can compose top-notch essays. 


In today's modern world, a student is lucky enough as it can avail the opportunity of asking others to write my essay for me. However, it is also imperative to mention here that a student cannot look forward to an essay writing service while sitting in the examination hall or attempting a surprise quiz.



  • Why do teachers emphasize their students to create a compare and contrast essay?


There are several essay types among which the compare and contrast are the ones. It has excellent unique importance for both the teachers and the students. Teachers assign their students to compare and contrast essays to evaluate the mental ability of students to establish a link between the two subjects.




  • What is a compare and contrast essay?


It is expedient mentioning here that in a compare and contrast essay, it is the utmost responsibility of a scribbler to establish a link between the two different subjects. A teacher may ask its students to examine two subjects critically and highlight the similarities only, differences only, or both of the two subjects.


It is notable that the compare and contrast essay is usually written for such two objects that may look entirely different from each other but have some link. However, those objects must fall under the same category.


A student needs to know that it cannot express emotions, thoughts, and ideas in this particular genre of essay writing service. Instead, it demands a scribbler to do a lot of research. In this way, the students acquire a profound knowledge of the subjects involved in the topic.



  • Importance of compare and contrast essay


This specific genre of essay has high importance for teachers and students. Let's jot down its significance one by one.


  1. It plays a vital role in establishing a habit of brainstorming in the students.
  2. It boosts confidence in students in putting pen to paper.
  3. It is a potent source of increasing the writing skills of the students to a great extent.
  4. It urges the students to keenly observe two different subjects that seem different but fall under the same category. In this way, the students learn the art of establishing a link between two distinct subjects.
  5. Students develop a habit of researching. It plays a significant role in increasing knowledge and information about various subjects.


The students have to keep one thing in mind that composing a compare and contrast essay is not as simple as falling off a log. It demands hard work and deep-dyed research work. However, the students have to take in-depth interest in finding out the link between two various subjects.


Moreover, a few students often complain that despite following all the predefined academic rules, they fail to score desired grades. Such students make a common mistake of neglecting the importance of prewriting and post writing measures of essay writing, respectively. 


Furthermore, you must know that becoming a top-notch essay writer is not an overnight job. Instead, it is a gradual process, and it may take months or even years for a newbie scribbler to become a top-tier essay composer.

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