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News Archive
Page 2

Friday, May 26, 2000

Two NEW Websites

No Image Available
Two Websites

©< ,Pokemon Village, >

Hey guys! I have two more NEW sites for you to check out! One is a site that shows you awesome real-like FAKE TCG Cards, and the other is a another Topsites site!

Fake Cards Check out this site and you'll be amazed! Thanx to PV!

Anime Topsites This site is for all you people that have ANIME type sites! Thanx to PV!

[LugiaMew2 5/26/00; 11:01]

Warner Brothers Will Never Learn

No Image Available

©< ,Universal Pokemon Network, >

Kids WB was blown out of the water again! This time, not by the obvious choice as FOX [but FOX still beat Kids WB], but by Nickelodeon! Nickelodeon took this months sweeps with guns blazing! Nickelodeon took the highest ratings by a landslide for both weekdays and weekends. FOX was far back in second place in both fields, as Kids WB creaped up in third. Nickelodeon has almost twice the viewers as Kids WB at prime air times.

[LugiaMew2 5/26/00; 10:58]

Pokemon Automobile Air Fresheners!

Air Fresheners!

©< ,Pojo Website, >

Have you ever wondered what a Pikachu smells like? An automobile-parts manufacturer in Japan thinks it has the answer. The Carall company has produced a series of “limited edition” automobile air fresheners that are cut in the shapes of Pikachu and three new Pokemon characters.  Your calrwill smell Poke-riffic for weeks to come!  

[LugiaMew2 5/26/00; 10:58]

Thursday, May 25, 2000

Hey You, Pikachu's Price!

No Image Available
Hey You, Pikachu Price

©< ,PokemonVillage, >

Yup, the Pokemon game uses the voice recognition microphone has a release date and a price. And I have to say this: "Ouch!". Not for the release date, which is in this November, but for the price! It is going to cost $89.95 American! Thats $10 less than the system itself! This will be the most expensive N64 game ever, and believe me I am not going to give over this much for a game and alittle microphone. Any relative chance of me getting this game has just been shattered.

[LugiaMew2 5/25/00; 9:45]

Team Rocket Player Models for Quake 3!

Team Rocket's Jesse

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

If you play Quake 3 (available only for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms right now) and love Pokémon, you'll love this add-on! Polycount has posted a Team Rocket model pack! Here's a description/review of the two models from the PolyCount site:

This model-pack includes both Jessie and James, with sounds (just the taunts are new, Pokémon isn't good for getting clean samples, without music and the like) and bot support. No Meowth, he's too short to deathmatch. As well as the default and Red & Blue CTF skins for both models I've also included the black uniform variations used by J&J's rival Rocketeers Butch & Cassidy. B&C have different hairstyles and jewelry in the cartoon, here I've just changed the hair and earrings to the right colours.
Watch out for James' posing-rose that he whips out for his gesture animation."

[LugiaMew2 5/25/00; 10:00]

Warner Brother's Will Never Learn!

No Image Available
Warner Brothers

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

Kids WB was blown out of the water again! This time, not by the obvious choice as FOX [but FOX still beat Kids WB], but by Nickelodeon! Nickelodeon took this months sweeps with guns blazing! Nickelodeon took the highest ratings by a landslide for both weekdays and weekends. FOX was far back in second place in both fields, as Kids WB creaped up in third. Nickelodeon has almost twice the viewers as Kids WB at prime air times.

[LugiaMew2 5/25/00; 10:15]

Gold/Silver Names from E3!!

Gold/Silver Names

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

Here are some confirmed US names from E3.

# 152 Chikorita (Chikolita)
# 153 Bayleef (Beirifu)
# 154 Meganium (Meganiumu)
# 155 Cyndaquil (Hinoarashi)
# 156 Quilava (Magumarashi)
# 157 Typhlosion (Bakufun)
# 158 Totodile (Waninoko)
# 159 Croconaw (Aligates)
# 160 Feraligatr (Odairu)
# 161 Sentret (Otachi)
# 163 Hoot Hoot (Hoo Hoo)
# 165 Ledyba (Rediba)
# 167 ??? (Itomaru)

# 173 Cleffa (Pi)
# 174 Igglybuff (Pupurin)
# 175 Togepi (Togepi)
# 179 Mareep (Mareep)
# 182 Bellossom (Kireihana)
# 183 Marill (Marril)
# 187 Hoppip (Hanekko)

# 192 Sunflora (Kimawari)
# 195 Quagsire (Nuo)
# 199 Slowking (Yadoking)
# 207 Gligar (Guraiga)
# 209 Snubbull (Snubble)
# 212 Scizor (Hassamu)
# 214 Heracross (Herakarusou)
# 232 Donphan (Donfan)
# 234 ??? (Odoshishi)
# 239 Elekid (Elekiddo)
# 242 TBD (Hapinas)

# 249 Lugia (Lugia)
# 250 Ho oh (Houou)

[LugiaMew2 5/25/00; 10:30]

Japanese First Editions!

First Edition Jap. Charizard

©< ,Pojo, >

Below is an awesome feature I found on Pojo! Thanx alot!

"Hi Pojo,

Maybe you can use this scan showing the difference between Japanese first-edition and unlimited base cards. I chose everyone’s favorite Charizard to illustrate how the editions differ. Essentially, the first edition cards don’t have rarity symbols, while the unlimited edition base set cards have the symbols.

The base set was the only one in Japan to have a first edition. All subsequent expansions (Jungle through Neo) were “unlimited” from the first day they were released.

The first-edition cards are extremely difficult to find in Japan. They went on sale nearly four years ago, and most of them probably were eventually thrown away or otherwise lost or destroyed. I have been putting together a set of them, but so far I’m still about a dozen cards short of completing it. Very few of the first-edition cards I’ve obtained are in mint condition (sigh).

Anyway, hopefully this will help clear up once and for all the debate over whether there were first-edition Pokemon cards in Japan.


Glenn -

Thanks for the inside info Glenn!!! - Pojo"

[LugiaMew2 5/25/00; 10:37]

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

More Humiliating TV Defeats!

Digimon's Tai--Fox beats WB

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >


Fox Kids ranked No. 1 among broadcast networks for May 13, the third Saturday of May sweeps, with a 3.3 rating/15 share in kids 2-11. It was led by ``Digimon: Digital Monsters`` at 9 a.m., which topped Kids WB`s ``Pokemon`` by 23% in kids 6-11 (4.9 vs. 4.0) and by 27% in kids 2-11 (3.3 vs. 2.6). Fox Kids placed six shows among the broadcast top 10 and was up 12% in kids 6-11 and 18% in kids 2-11 vs. the previous week.

ABC (2.8/13) placed second, up 12% from the previous Saturday (2.5). It was led by ``Disney`s Mickey Mouseworks,`` which ranked third with a 3.7. The 10 a.m. edition of Kids WB`s ``Pokemon`` remains the No. 1 broadcast show in both kids 2-11 (4.5/17) and 6-11 (5.2/19), while cable`s Nickelodeon once again tops all broadcast competition in kids 2-11 (4.5/21).

[LugiaMew2 5/23/00; 4:45]

Pokemon Singer Sues Nintendo!

Nintendo is sued..hehe

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

The man who sings the Pokemon theme song in the US, Jason Paige, made some complaints to numerous companies, such as Nintendo. He claims that the companies using his voice for advertising are not paying him to use it. He was paid ONCE for one television advertisement, but it has also been used for advertising. Paige is suing for a total of $120 million.

The following is the complete article.

Jason Paige, singer for the Pokemon theme song in the US, Gotta Catch `Em All, submitted a complaint against a number of companies including Nintendo of America. In the complaint, Paige charges the companies with failing to pay him fairly for use of his voice in Pokemon advertisements. According to David Jaroslawicz, Paige`s lawyer, the recorded voice has been used in advertisements, toys and games. Paige is demanding $120 million in compensation for services rendered and damages.

According to Jaroslawicz, Paige, a professional singer, was paid between $1000 and $1500 for use of his recorded voice in one Pokemon TV advertisement. The contract indicated that the voice would be used for only the single ad. Since then, Paige`s voice has allegedly been used to promote Pokemon throughout their North American line of products and releases.

Back payment owed to Paige is estimated at $450 thousand, breaking down as follows:

Video: $100 thousand

TV: $50 thousand

CD: $200 thousand

Toys: $50 thousand

Games and other misc.: $50 thousand

The ownership of voice will be one of the contentious points in the case. Paige`s attorneys point to Midler v. Ford to support his case. In that ruling, deciding in favor of Bette Midler, the singer was given rights to her recorded, digitized voice for purposes of fair compensation when used in advertisement.

Allegedly, Paige contacted Nintendo several times before filing the complaint. Each time Nintendo promised to look into the matter of payment, but then failed to get back in touch with him. "Eventually," Jaroslawicz said, "he sought legal council, and here we are."

Nintendo has not yet provided comment on the case.

[LugiaMew2 5/23/00; 4:35]

Sunday, May 20, 2000

One Update!!

No Image Available
Just one Update

©< ,Msquadron's WebPage, >

Well, I just have to tell ya'll one quick update! I finally put in the Fanfic made by our Official Fanfic writer, MewtwoRulesWorld, Called Finally Captured Part 1 & 2! Check out the fanfic page for more details!

Also, for all who is in MSquadron'Z Pokemon Club, I have just made a page where you can vote for the best Fanfic in our MSD 1st Annual Fanfic Contests! Please click here to view it! Thanx alot!

[LugiaMew2 5/20/00; 5:19]

Kids WB, What is up! Sheesh..!

No Image Available
Kids WB, messing up everything...

©< ,Pokemon Village, >

They never learn do they? Last week, not only did Digimon beat Pokemon in the ratings... But "Mickey Mouse Works" blew it out of the water too [people actually watch ABC's 1-Saturday Morning?]! I found this very humiliating for the Pokemon market... But only one person is the blame; the executive at Warner Brothers that decided to show all repeats last week!

And this weekend will further the downfall of Kids WB, as once again... No new episode! Meanwhile other countries have already seen "Charizard Chills", we may have to wait a few months. No new episodes next week either; nor the week after, and perhaps not the week after that too!
But do you think they have something planned for us Pokemon Trainers? We'll see....

One more thing!
I just thought of something! You know how Tracey is a Pokemon Watcher? Well some people thing this job is very tacky, but if you think about it, we ALL are Pokemon Watchers!

[LugiaMew2 5/20/00; 5:15]

Saturday, May 19, 2000

Job Updates!

No Image Available
Update on Jobs

©< ,MSQuadron'Z WebPage, >

Well, I just decided to update you on what's going on in our website jobs. Below is a list of the jobs and the 411 (Information) on the people in which they are:

Fanfic Creator

Name: Maria {like in West Side Story lol}
Location: Massachusetts
EX: MewMaster
Age: 12
Pokémon: Mewtwo, Mew, Blastiose, Venusaur, Charizard,Persain
Experience: Name one, I do it all!
Types of FanFics.: Pokémon
Monthly FanFics.
Topic: Pokémon

Image Artist

Name: Joshua
Code name:: E4Lance
EX: My code name for the site is: MewMaster
Location TX
Age: 12
Your Pokemon
Experience: VP of Club, Site :
Graphic Program: Paintbrush (its underrated) Microsoft Image Composer, Microsoft GIF Animator
Types of images: I am capable of most pics, I take snaps from shows, for character, ive "cought them all" in Yellow and Gold, so i got pokemon from that. I am working on a big animated banner that looks like a powerpoint like thing

NewZ Updater/Image Artist/Upload Servicer/MSD Editor

Name: Alyssa
Code name:: ~*Meowth*~*2m2~*
Location (state): New York
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Your Pokemon: Meowth, Jigglypuff, Blastoise, Jolteon, Mew
Experience: I have 3 sites and I sometimes make graphics, and I do updates for some other sites.
Graphic Program: Paint Shop Pro

Image Artist

Name: Wesley Steinfeld
Code name: XxXPichuMewXxX
Location (state): CT
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Your Pokemon: Mew
Experience:  Websurfing
Graphic Program: Paint Shop Pro

I would like to thank all of these people for all their hard work! Below is a list of accomplishments they have made which has made MSD a success!


She has made a few images and banners for me and uploaded the banners such as the sidebar, main banner, and box button on the navigation bar that you see. Thanx alot! You have helped make MSD the BEST!


He has made me at least 3 awesome banners already and tons of MSD buttons! The News/Updates banner and the "Welcome to MewTwo'Z SquaDron" banner you see on the other pages are of his works. AWESOME! Thanx alot and I appreciate your hrad work!


He let me use his site to upload most of the things on this site! He has also volunteered to be one of my Image Artist! Thanx alot! You the Man!


Mewtwo has volunteered to be the Official MSD Fanfic Writer! So far, he has written one awesome story about Mewtwo called, Finally Captured. The fanfic will be in the Fanfic section soon so check it out! He is also currently working on another Fanfic that will be called, True Destiny! Stick around for the updates! Thanx alot Mewtwo! You have made MSD #1!!!!!!

[LugiaMew2 5/19/00; 6:37]

More Information on Pokemon Puzzle League

Pokemon Puzzle League [More Info..]

©< ,Psychic Pokemon Connection, >

This fall, yet another Pokemon game will be released. This time, its for the Nintendo 64, but its not an RPG... its a puzzle game - Pokemon Puzzle League. The goal of this game to make it to the Pokemon Puzzle League Championship and defeat the Puzzle Master.

Once again, Ash and Pikachu are back and you must battle 16 Trainers in puzzle competitions. According to Nintendo, the puzzles will be very similar to Tetris Attack puzzles.

To remove blocks from your screen, you must get 3 blocks of the same color in any direction. As usually, once blocks are removed, any blocks above them come tumbling down. This leads to crazy combos, just like in Tetris Attack.

Pokemon Puzzle Leaguewill have six different modes of play; one of which is a two player mode. And Nintendo is also making a Gameboy Color version, so you can play everywhere you go!

[LugiaMew2 5/19/00; 6:30]

The Rumors are True!

Pokémon Pop-Tarts

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

Kellogg`s released Pokemon Pop-Tarts to the market. These are the usual Pop-Tarts, coming in different flavors sprinkled with Pokemon-shaped sprinkles.

In July, some of these boxes will contain various exclusive metallic Pokemon battle figures. This is just in time to promote the next Pokemon movie this summer.

[LugiaMew2 5/19/00; 6:27]

The Rumors are True!

Prima has a new Layout!

©< ,Prima Games, >

Prima Games just got a new layout! And to promote their recent overhaul, 3 huge contests have been announced! If you want to try out for the contests, just follow the links above.

90 Days of PC Gaming
Thief Gold, Revenant or Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, all for the PC.

90 Days of Playstation Gaming
Fighting Force 2 and Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, both for the PSX.

The Ultimate Gamers Giveaway
- One game-enhanced PC with The Sims and EverQuest
- One Sony PlayStation with Syphon Filter 2 and WWF SmackDown!
- One Sega Dreamcast with Crazy Taxi and NHL 2K
- One Nintendo 64 with Mario Party 2 and Perfect Dark
- One Game Boy Color with Pokémon Trading Card Game and Tomb Raider
- Every Prima Official Strategy Guide for every game included in the giveaway

[LugiaMew2 5/19/00; 6:20]

Sunday, May 17, 2000

The Rumors are True!

No Image Available
European Championship

©< ,Universal Pokemon Network, >

Well well, there is a European Championship! At the end of August, on one day, finals will be held for the winners of the store championships in London, UK! The two best there will go to Germany in, I'm guessing December when the Christmas holidays are on, to battle to become the European champion.

If you haven't already registered, do it now, as entries that have been recieved by the 17th will be notified on the 26th May as to when they will be battling in their store, which will probably be local.

So, either go here to enter, or for more information, call: 0906 2727 300. Calls will cost no more than 50P (unless you're calling from the US or Australia) and will last no more than 2 minutes. Oh yeah, and ask whoever pays the bill for permission.

[LugiaMew2 5/17/00; 6:04]

Official GameBoy TCG Game Site

No Image Available
Official GameBoy TCG Game Site

©< ,Pokemon World, >

Nintendo has added an Official GameBoy Pokémon Trading Card Game section to their Pokémon website. The site promises to offer an on-line version of the card game, card-pop, info on all the available cards in the game and more.

[LugiaMew2 5/17/00; 6:04]

Pokémon TCG Tour and Schedule

Pokemon TCG Tour

©< ,Wizards of the Coast, >

The all new Pokémon Trading Card Game Tour kicks off April 29th and runs through July 2nd! There will be plenty of exciting Pokémon activities for everyone, including the new and exclusive Pokémon Trading Card Game 3-Stage Training Arena, the Pokémon TCG League Zone for more seasoned players, and a limited-capacity qualifier tournament for the Pokémon Trading Card Game League Super Trainer Showdown that takes place in July on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California!

April 29-30 - Aurora Mall, Aurora, CO

May 6-7 - Crossroads Plaza, Salt Lake City, UT

May 13-14 - SeaTac Mall, Federal Way, WA

May 20-21 - Boise TownSquare, Boise, ID

May 27-28 - Del Amo Fashion Center, Torrence, CA

June 3-4 - Eastridge Mall, San Jose, CA

June 10-11 - Metrocenter Mall, Phoenix, AZ

June 17-18 - Valley View Center, Dallas, TX

June 24-25 - Crossroads Mall, Oklahoma City, OK

July 1-2 - Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN

[LugiaMew2 5/17/00; 6:04]

Pokemon at it AGAIN...

No Image Available
Pokemon Gets another 'Banning'

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >


PARIS (Variety) - Principals in French elementary and middle schools are taking extreme measures against the Pokemon card-trading rage by banning the decks from many school playgrounds.

The innocent trading of the Japanese picture cards, they say, has turned to racketeering, with the ``have-nots`` using strong-arm tactics to get what they want.

One 11-year-old child in Paris, with a $140 collection, fell victim to extortion, a Paris newspaper reports, and had to hand all his cards over to his aggressor. Police later found the cards at the home of the bigger child, a 12-year-old.

All this skulduggery is taking place while Pokemon is still holding its own at the French box office, weighing in among the top ten around the country.

[LugiaMew2 5/17/00; 6:00]

Sunday, May 14, 2000

UK Summer Stadium Information

No Image Available
UK Summer Stadium

©< ,Universal Pokemon Network, >

UK Summer Stadium Tour Info

First Round - 3rd June First 50 of 128 competitors 9:30am - 4:15pm
First Round - 10th June Next 50 of 128 competitors 9:30am - 4:15pm
First Round - 17th June Next 28 of 128 competitors 9:30am - 1:30pm
Second Round - 17th June 28 of 64 Round 1 winners 1:45pm - 4:45pm
Second Round - 24th June 32 of 64 Round 1 winners 9:30am - 1:15pm
Third Round - 1st July 32 Round 2 winners 9:30am - 1:15pm
4th Round - 8th July 16 Round 3 winners 9:30am - 11:15am
5th Round - 15th July 8 Round 4 winners 9:30am - 10:15am
6th Round - 15th July 4 Round 5 winners 11:00 - 11:15
Final - 15th July 2 Round 6 winners 11:30am

So, it looks like there will only be a winner in each store. So whether The Games Ltd. will take it any further to a National UK championship, it looks like many professional Pokémon players in the UK (and there are only 10 max!) will be disappointed. Still, you get a whole T-shirt if you win, and the glory of the whole town that you live in... Pretty good huh?

Also, the tournament isn't stopping at a National championship. It will go via that to pick two of the best Pokémon players in the UK and Eire and they will be going off to Europe to compete in an International European championship. Now, this huge news hasn't been 100% confirmed, but if it is, how great would it feel to be representing your country in a Pokémon battle!? This will be the first International Pokémon tournament, and surprisingly, the US or Japan isn't hosting it! This tour is becoming huge... If you want the best shot at this once in a lifetime opportunity to represent your country, I suggest you finalise now, and practise like mad!

[LugiaMew2 5/14/00; 8:20]

Pokemon: The Movie 2000

Pokemon: The Movie 2000 Poster

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

The release of Pokemon The Movie 2000 is getting closer to us. We have a picture of the Movie Poster that will be released soon. I'll be putting in Videos, Info, Summaries and more picture for the movie soon. Be on the lookout!

[LugiaMew2 5/14/00; 7:58]

Pokémon Puzzle Game

Pokemon Puzzle Game Screenshot

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

The next Pokemon game, Pokemon Puzzle 64 will be coming soon. For now, there is really not much information, except that it is similar to Tetris Attack for the SNES, and should be out this September.

Too short eh? Check out this cool info about Vulpix from Psypoke!!!!!!!

What Pokèmon has six tails, breathes fire, and is super-cute?


OK, Vulpix tends be somewhat weak. But if you raise is carefully is it has some good attacks(Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Dig, and HyperBeam are my preferred attacks for Vulpix) Vulpix is indestructible! I whupped the Elite 4 alone with my level 100 Vulpix.

Let's talk attack. It has some great attacks, Roar makes wild Pokèmon run away so if your in Mt. Moon and you have no repels and are being bombarded with wild Pokèmon, you can use Vulpix's roar! Then you got Ember, Flamethrower, and Fire Spin for your fire attacks, not bad at all. Then you have your 'normal' attack, Quick Attack! I cherish this move while training a lower level Pokèmon. Why? It's pretty accurate and does more attack that Tackle and Scratch! Then you've got Confuse Ray, an excellent move. Confuse your enemies and you'll hopefully watch the opposing Pokèmon beat themselves!

Alright, we've covered attacks and the basics, now how about defense. Yeah, Vulpix's defense kinda sucks, but it's not too terrible. Remember, if you have a a very high level Vulpix, go see how hard it is to beat out the Elite 4 with Vulpix alone. Easy as pie.

OK, you have a Vulpix, but it sucks! It's got all the moves you want it to have, but it has trouble beating other trainers such as the Elite 4. Not to worry my fox-loving friend, there's always the Fire Stone! Vulpix will evolve into Ninetales with the Fire Stone. Ninetales has great attack, great speed, and great defense. Ninetales, except against water and rock Pokèmon, are practically unbeatable. (Just for the record, in one of my Blue games I started with Charmander and beat Brock with Charmander alone :P)

So next time you think about how crappy your little Vulpix is, give it some training and maybe evolve it and you'll have a great Pokèmon for life!! ANd let's not forgot, Brock has a Vulpix and Brock is my second favorite character on the show, Gary first. ^_^ *anime V-Sign* Go Vulpix!

Element: Fire
Type: Fox
Attacks: Ember(---), Tail Whip(---), Quick Attack(L.16), Roar(L.21), Confuse Ray(L.28), Flame Thrower(L.35), Fire Spin(L.42)
Found: Route 7, Route 8, and the Pokemon House (Cinnabar Island). Evolution: Ninetales

Element: Fire
Type: Fox
Attacks: Ember(---), Tail Whip(---), Quick Attack(---), Roar(---)
Found: Evolve Vulpix with Fire Stone
Evolution: Evolves from Vulpix

[LugiaMew2 5/14/00; 7:58]

Saturday, May 13, 2000

Busy Today!

No Image Available
Last update for today!

©< ,MSquadron'Z WebPage, >

Sorry guys but I want be able to update for the rest of the day today! I'm going to HURRICANE HARBOR! YES! It was a reward because of a HUGE competition we had for Band. It's gonna be fun! Well, I better be going! I gotta leave at 9! See ya everyboda'!!!!!!

[LugiaMew2 5/13/00; 8:31]

Friday, May 12, 2000

Good/Bad Pokemon Website

No Image Available
Good/Bad Website

©< ,Killfrong Website, >

Well, first of all, while I was searching the web to do some research for this project we had to do for GT, my partner John told me to go to While I was there, I saw a game called, "Poke'N'Probe." And I think this game is an EVIL game and whoever made it is against Pokemon! is a website for award-winning games, but the games are all...well, you know..... The game consists of a weird, stupid-looking Pikachu that has been abducted by aliens. You then choose a place on Pikachu's body to stick a probe in and HURT Pikachu! You can go check it out if you want, but I recommend not to show your parents of the little ones....

[LugiaMew2 5/12/00; 7:24] a DESERT today....

No Image Available
Nothing New...

©< ,MSquadron'Z WebPage, >

Nothing New...just another boring day....
Lets hope something happens over the weekend!

[LugiaMew2 5/12/00; 5:04]

Thursday, May 11, 2000

ANOTHER New Discussion Forum [MSD'Z Discussion Forum]

No Image Available
New Forum

©< ,MSquadron'Z WebPage, >

MSD'Z Discussion Forum
I know, I know, you all are thinking, "Why the he** did you make another forum when you just made one a few days ago!!!!!!" Well, the reason why was because I think that THIS NEW forum has better features and has a better layout. Althought GamersX is still one of the best for me, I think this 'CollBoard' forum is better.But, there's one catch...You must register to post..I think that's what you have to do...I'll update you more on that later on. Click
here OR: Plugin this URL in your browser.
Visit my forums!

LugiaMew2 5/10/00; 5:04]

Stolen Pokémon Cards worth $130,000!:

T C G Cards

©< Yahoo! Daily News, >


Cops Nab Alleged Pokemon Pirate

FALLS, Pa. ( -- An Acme supermarket merchandise manager is under arrest on charges that he diverted large shipments of Pokemon trading cards worth more than $130,000 and resold them, police said today.

Paul Ritchey, 44, of Fairway Terrace in Warrington, was arraigned yesterday on charges of theft, receiving stolen property and theft by deception, said Falls police Lt. Neil Harkins.

Harkins said the charges against Ritchey emerged in April when store officials discovered unexplained shipments and disappearances of Pokemon trading cards.

Store records show that between Oct. 4, 1999, and Dec. 30, 1999, the store received shipments of Pokemon cards totaling $133,559.51, but only sold $852.85 in cards for the same time period, according to an arrest affidavit.

Accused of hoarding shipments

Ritchey became the focus of an internal investigation when store detectives James Nolan and Shawn Thompson learned that the merchandise manager had allegedly signed for all the shipments of Pokemon cards received during that time or ordered employees to forward the shipments directly to him, Harkins said.

Several employees allegedly told investigators that they noticed large deliveries of the cards in storerooms and in Ritchey`s office, Harkins said.

Store manager Michael McClellan told police that he had never seen the shipments arrive, and he was certain that they were not reaching the floor for sale, the complaint states.

`Special customer`

When approached by other store managers about the shipments, Ritchey allegedly told them he had a special customer who was buying the cards in bulk, according to the affidavit.

Police said on April 18, store detectives witnessed Ritchey leaving the store with a shopping cart containing a shipment of Pokemon cards. When confronted by the officers, Ritchey told them he was returning the shipment to the store, the complaint alleges.

Ritchey allegedly admitted in a written statement that he had been stealing the cards since December 1999 and selling them to a woman in large quantities, Harkins said.

Mystery woman

Police did not release the woman`s name, and it is not clear whether the woman resold the cards for a profit, police said.

Ritchey allegedly told police he did not know the woman personally and that their relationship consisted of her calling him with a time and place to meet, Harkins said.

Invented by the Japanese company Nintendo in 1996, the cards, which feature 151 cartoon characters and were first created as a computer game, have become a worldwide phenomenon. The Pokemon craze has spawned paraphernalia ranging from video, action figures, trading cards, stuffed animals and, most recently, a feature film, Pokemon: The First Movie, which drew record crowds when it opened last December.

The cards have become wildly popular, and the rarest can reportedly fetch prices from $50 to $200.

Ritchey was released Monday on $75,000 recognizance bail.

[LugiaMew2 5/10/00; 5:02]

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

[Sorry, I couldn't think of a Title!!]:

Screenshot from Pokemon Trainers Mag.

©< ,Pojo Website, >

Here is a picture from an advertisement in the brand new issue of Pokemon Trainers Magazine in Japan.  The ad makes it official: Neo expansion series No. 2 goes on sale in Japan in June! The advertisement offers little information other than to confirm the release date, but there is something very interesting about the “theme” of the ad: You’ll see a gold tablet in a field, and in the background are pyramids. The gold tablet has the Pokemon Neo logo and then the words “Iseki o koete,” which is the title of the new series. Translated, the title essentially is “Beyond the Ruins.” Then, near the bottom of the tablet are the same kind of hieroglyphics that we saw on the celebrated Ancient Mew card. Could it be that we’re going to see a whole expansion set based on this mysterious theme? We'll have to wait until June and find out!  

Congratulations, Pokémon!

[LugiaMew2 5/10/00; 4:47]

Pokémon Scores in Sweden:

Pokemon Sweden

©< ,Pokemon World, >

On April 12, Pokémon received a great honor at the first-ever Swedish Game Awards in Stockholm. The event was called Spelgalan 2000, and over 500 people showed up to see which games would earn the very first batch of "FIA" awards.

Pokémon for Game Boy Color took home a FIA award in the Peoples' Choice category, proving that it's fun to Catch 'Em All in any language.

Congratulations, Pokémon!

Updates/Other NewZ

Well, I recently went to Pokemon World and I found out that they have just made an official Pokemon Trading Card Game GB Website! it has awesome tips, tricks, and games. Check it out here.

[LugiaMew2 5/10/00; 4:47]

Sunday, May 8, 2000

Just a Few Updates and Info:

Mr. Ishihara unviels Pokemon

©< ,Pokemon World, >

New Gold/Silver PKMN Unvield/Other GS NewZ
On May 9th, 2000, Mr. Ishihara, the creator of Pokémon, unveiled five new characters from the upcoming PokémonTM Gold and PokémonTM Silver game paks at the first ever kids Pokémon press conference. Local Los Angeles children from Calvert Elementary school, acting as journalist for a day, were the first in the United States to see the new Pokémon characters. The excitement built as each character was unveiled with their never before known North American names. Ho-OhTM , LugiaTM , ChikoritaTM , CyndaquilTM and TotodileTM were greeted with wild applause.

PokémonTMGold and PokémonTM Silver will be available on October 16, 2000 and introduces brand new characters and adventures for the popular kids' craze. These titles promise to become the biggest selling video games of all time, with an expected 10 million cartridges sold in the first six months.

[LugiaMew2 5/8/00; 4:43]

Saturday, May 7, 2000

Just a Few Updates and Info:

No Image Available
New Message Board

©< ,MSquadron'Z WebPage, >

MSD Forum Network
Well, as I was updating my site, I decided to make us a NEW Message Board! And finally, we do have one! This message board is supplied to us thanx to: Gamers X.It has an awesome layout and Gamersx provides me with excellent features! You can check out the NEW message board at:
Or Simply, click here.

Updates:  I will be adding more pages to MSD V2 soon, so be on the lookout! I'll update you on that once i'm done. I will be also putting in TWO new pages to the Navigation Bar. A 'Counterfiet Card' page and the new message board page.

[LugiaMew2 5/7/00; 6:35]

Welcome to the NEW MSquadron Pokemon Site!:

No Image Available
Grand Opening

©< ,MSquadron'Z WebPage, >

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Grand Opening of MSquadron'Z WebPage! V2!!! Please go to:
for V1!!!!! It's the first one is is still awsome!
I hope you all enjoy this page and visit it everyday! As you can see, it is more organized and has a better layout. If you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail me at, also known as

Below is a list of shortcuts to get from here to there:
- - MSD V1
- - MSD V2

P.S. I'm looking for someone who can give me a FREE domain name like: Please contact me ASAP!

[LugiaMew2 5/7/00; 11:24]  

Team Rocket Cards: Misprints:

Wizards Logo

©< ,Pokemon Village, >

I was looking around on Wizards of the Coast site and noticed this article about several misprinted American Team Rocket cards in the recently released set. Here are the cards that have the misprints and what they are:

On Dark Arbok ( 2/82 holo and 19/82 non-holo, first edition and unlimited), the copyright line says "©1999-23000 Wizards." It should say "©1999-2000 Wizards." We will correct this in future printings.

On Dark Rapidash (44/82, first edition and unlimited), the word "Length" is missing from the measurements. We will correct this in future printings.

On Dark Vileplume (30/82, non-holo only, first edition and unlimited versions), Fighting is listed as the Weakness; however, the correct Weakness should be Fire (as it is on Dark Vileplume 13/82 holo and on the Japanese version). We will not correct this in future printings. Our policy states that we do not change card readings that would change game play, unless the card is unplayable as it stands. This card should be played as it is written except when explicitly stipulated otherwise for international tournament play.

On Grimer (57/82, first edition and unlimited), in the attack Poison Gas, the effect was originally Poison in the Japanese version, not Asleep. We will not correct this in future printings. Our policy states that we do not change card readings that would change game play, unless the card is unplayable as it stands. This card should be played as it is written except when explicitly stipulated otherwise for international tournament play.

On Dark Dragonite, the holo card (5/82) was also printed as a non-holo card. This did not occur in the first edition and is already corrected for our current printings.

On Dark Raichu (83/82 holo, first edition and non - first edition), the reminder text says "Put Raichu on the Basic Pokémon" but should read "Put Dark Raichu on the Basic Pokémon."

Also saw that they are having a contest where you can win a trip to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Super Trainer Showdown! Here is what you have to do to enter:

Build your Pokémon TCG deck of 60 cards
Print out and complete this form
Bring this form and your deck or decklist to your local Pokémon TCG League store for an official stamp
Mail this form to us to let us know that you would like to be entered for a chance to win a free trip to the Super Trainer Showdown.
Be sure and go here to get the official entry form.

[LugiaMew2 5/7/00; 11:30]

Pokémon Falls Out of #1 Spot:

No Image Availible

The Weekenders beat Pokemon..Who Cares!!

©< ,Universal Pokémon Network, >

For the first time in over a year, Kids' WB's "Pokémon" fell out of the top spot among the broadcast networks last Saturday morning, bested by ABC's "The Weekenders", according to this press release from Variety:

``Pokemon'' held the broadcast crown for an impressive 54 weeks (since April 17, 1999). Meanwhile, Fox also beat an episode of ``Pokemon'' for the first time, besting the 9 a.m. edition of the show with rival ``Digimon: Digital Monsters.'' Don't cry for Kids' WB, however: the network still destroyed its broadcast competition, rating a 2.9 among kids 2-11 (vs. ABC's 2.8 and Fox's 2.6). And ``Pokemon'' took two of the top three spots on Saturday morning.

[LugiaMew2 5/7/00; 11:50]

New Site!!!:

Cjb.Net Services Logo

©< ,MSquadron'Z WebPage, >

Well, everyone! I've finally made a NEW site! It isn't actually, working right now, but i'm working on it! In the following site, we will have:
- Paid 2 Surf Sites
- Free Boards, Chats, Etc. type sites
- Information
- Website Hosting
- News in the 'HTML' world

I am hoping that this site will be finished sometime near 2001.

For now, just check out some new sites I have found!

- Free e-mail from!!
- Upnetwork Top 50! Join Today!

[LugiaMew2 5/6/00; 3:02]

Saturday, May 6, 2000

Pikachu with a Milk Mustache!:

Pikachu? + Milk? PikaMilk!!

©< ,Universal Pokemon Network, >

Starting a few days ago, American's Dairy Farmers have been running a new advertising campaign featuring Pikachu as it's newest "famous celebrity". The ad reads, "Want to grow? Drinking milk helps your bones grow so you can evolve to the next level". Being the most popular character among kids, Pikachu is given the mission: "to help rescue kids from their calcium crisis since seven out of 10 girls and six out of 10 boys age 6-11 don't meet daily calcium requirements". What is next up for Pikachu? We don't know; but for now, it is just another famous milk mustache.

[LugiaMew2 5/6/00; 3:21]

Rare Card History:

No Image Available
Pikachu Birthday Card

©< ,Pojo Website, >

How about a little "rare-card" history today about the famous Birthday Pikachu card.  This card was widely available in Japan inside a 1999 - 2000 wall calendar.  In the upper left hand corner of the card, it says "The 2nd Anniversary", as the card and the calendar were actually printed in 1998, two years after the introduction of the game.  This level 17 Pikachu is actually not called Birthday Pikachu!  It is really named: "_____'s Pikachu".  As the owner of the card, you would put your name on it, and it would be your Pikachu.  The attack does 30+ damage, with this effect:  If it is your birthday, you flip a coin.  If heads, the attack does 50 more damage.  This card is banned from tournament play in Japan.  So I think it is highly unlikely we'll see it reprinted in America, at least not with the exact same attack anyway.  Although it isn't the rarest of Pokemon cards, it certainly is highly sought-after here in the United States.  

[LugiaMew2 5/6/00; 3:42]

NEW! Gold & Silver Names!:

GS Pokemon: Pi and Pichu

©< ,Psychic Pokemon Connection, >

Scylord has sent in some inside information. According to him, the new PKMN names are going to be:
Mirutanku= (shudder)Milk Tank
HooHoo= Hoot Hoot
Kingudora= Draking

There are some others but I am not sure about them.All names are subject to change exept Hoot Hoot and Kurobat, Those I Know for sure.

[LugiaMew2 5/6/00; 4:03]

Dark Raichu Card:

Dark Raichu Card
Click for clearer Image

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

WotC reveals that a super-secret Rocket Expansion card, Dark Raichu, does exist. Read the following from the WotC Website

We tried to outwit Team Rocket with our own super-secret card . . . but Pokémon trainers caught us before Team Rocket was onto us!

The super-secret card in the Team Rocket expansion is Dark Raichu, 83/82--holo, first edition, and unlimited versions available. This is the first time Dark Raichu has ever been released in any language! This card is the same rarity as any other Team Rocket expansion holo card.

[LugiaMew2 5/6/00; 4:14]

Monday, May 5, 2000

Various Pokemon Awards:

Pokemon Yellow, Red, and Blue

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

Pokemon, of course, gets some wins from the Nintendo Power Awards. Pokemon Yellow was especially popular, winning 3 awards.

Here are the winners / runner-ups:

Best Role-Playing Game/Strategy Game: Pokemon Yellow

Best Game Based on a Movie/TV Series: Pokemon Yellow

Best Game Boy Game: Pokemon Yellow

Runner Up - Best Graphics: Pokemon Snap

Runner Up - Most Innovative: Pokemon Snap

Runner Up - Best Sound: Pokemon Snap

Runner Up - Best Overall Game: Pokemon Yellow

Of course, Pokemon got nominations for a few categories in this year`s Kids` Choice Awards. Unfortunately, Pokemon only won one of the awards.

Favorite Video Game: Pokemon

Favorite Movie: Big Daddy (That was okay considering that Pokemon the first movie wasn`t all that good)

Favorite TV Show: Rugrats (Noo! Pokemon shoulda won!)

[LugiaMew2 5/5/00; 1:13]

Pokemon gets a Blessing:

No Image Available
Pokemon gets a blessing

©< ,Fandom Pokemon, >

Worried parents may think the Pokemon kiddie-card craze is the work of the devil, but the pope has reportedly decided the game is good for children.

The Vatican gave its blessing to the game just as its popularity is soaring in Italy, where "Pokemon: The First Movie" opens this week, the Times of London reported yesterday.

The trading-card and computer game is "full of inventive imagination," said Sat2000, a satellite TV station run by the Vatican.

The game did not have "any harmful moral side effects" and was based on "ties of intense friendship," the station said.

[LugiaMew2 5/5/00; 1:13]

Team Rocket Cards:

New Team Rocket Expansion

©< ,Universal Pokémon Network, >

Due in stores this April 24, is the American version of the popular Japanese card series; Team Rocket. The set will also include the infamous, yet stunning Jesse, James and Meowth holofoil white star ultra rare card. (Talk about a complex carbohydrate!). Anyways, in previous American expansion sets a 'pre-release' promo card has been dispursed at the Wizards of the Coast Pokemon League. This time around they will shove a 'Dark Gyarados' in your face. Big deal.. Gyarados. :) The new cards in this series will definetly mix up decks, especially the atomic energy. This should be interesting. Until next time...

NEW Fall Lineup:

CardCaptor Sakura

©< ,Universal Pokémon Network, >

The fall schedule for Kids' WB was announced earlier today. As you can clearly see, both Fridays and Saturdays are lined up with new shows. New shows such as Generation O, The Zeta Project and Jackie Chan Adventures.

One Awesome show I've heard about is "Cardcaptors"; known as "Card Captor Sakura" in Japan. It is not your standard Mahou Shoujo [Magical Girl] anime. Card Captor Sakura is about a 10 year old girl named Sakura Kinomoto who finds a mysterious book and accidentally releases the powers of the book; known as Clow Cards. Now supported by Kero [Cerberus, the guardian of the CLOW] she must search for the missing Cards; meanwhile dealing with her rival from Hong Kong, Li Syaoran; who also happens to be a descendent of the Clow masters. I have seen much of the Japanese series, and it is great!

Monday to Thursday:
7:00 a.m. - Pokemon
7:30 a.m. - Histeria!
3:00 p.m. - Sylvester and Tweety
3:30 p.m. - Batman Beyond
4:00 p.m. - Pokemon
4:30 p.m. - Men in Black

7:00 a.m. - Pokemon
7:30 a.m. - Detention
3:00 p.m. - Cardcaptors
3:30 p.m. - Generation O!
4:00 p.m. - Pokemon GS
4:30 p.m. - The Zeta Project

8:00 a.m. - Batman Beyond
8:30 a.m. - Pokemon
9:00 a.m. - Jackie Chan Adventures
9:30 a.m. - Max Steel
10:00 a.m. - Pokemon GS
10:30 a.m. - Static Shock!
11:00 a.m. - Men In Black
11:30 a.m. - X-Men Evolution

Pokémon Around the World:

German Pokemon TOPPS Card

©< ,Official Pokémon Website, >

Did you have any clue that a Bulbasaur is called Bisasam in Germany, or that an Ekans is called Abo in France? Maybe you already knew that a Dragonair in Japan is called Hakuryu...

Pokemon World [] has compiled a list of the names of all 151 Pokemon from the USA, Germany, France, and Japan.

Click here for the list.

Pokémon Card Game GB:

Pokémon Card Game GB Cartridge

©< ,Universal Pokémon Network, >

Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Gameboy is now out! When will you get your copy? The game is basically a tutorial for the popular card game, but with an added plot. The game is reported to have about 266 different cards all together, and is link compatible with other Gameboy systems. We hope to have a lot more information on it soon as we learn more of the American version as we play through it.

Be a Poké-Webmaster Contest:

Mewtwo Image

©< ,Pokémon: The First Movie Website, >

Remember that contest a few months ago about how Warner Brothers and Nintendo were selecting one kid to "help out" with an official Pokemon: The Movie webpage; and remember how mad I was because of the age limits [8-12]!? Well, the winner was a 10 year old named Jacob, and the page is finished. Click here to see it. Obviously Jacob did not make the page, he just chose his favorite Pokemon and gave the text to the splash page [how could they allow what he said on a kids' site!]. No one at the age of 10 should be making webpages, none the less calling themselves a "webmaster".

NEW! Pokémon Center Gameboy!:

Pokémon Center Gamboy

©< ,Psychic Pokémon Connection, >

Check out the spiffy Pokemon Center Gameboy! Its shell is a unique color such that at certain angles, it appears to be both Gold and Silver. Around the border is Pikachu, Chicorita, Waninoko and Hinoarashi, and the Pokemon Center logo is at the bottom. The weird thing is this Gold/Silver Gameboy doesn't come with the game, but comes with a pair of Pikachu batteries. Too bad for us, these units are only available at the Pokemon Centers in Tokyo and Osaka....

Pokémon ProjectROM Contest:

Pokémon Studio: Red Version

©< ,Official Pokémon Website, >

Nintendo is holding the Pokemon ProjectROM Contest

Three Grand Prize winners (one winner from each age group):

An Intel 400MHz Celeron Processor personal computer with a 17" monitor and an Epson Stylus Color 640 Ink Jet Printer from Gateway A special limited edition Poké-ROM from The Learning Division of Mattel Interactive Pokémon Project Studio Blue and Pokémon Project Studio Red CD-ROMs from The Learning Division of Mattel Interactive Six Runner-up Prizes (two winners from each age group):

Pokémon Project Studio Blue and Pokémon Project Studio Red CD-ROMs from The Learning Division of Mattel Interactive A special limited edition Poké-ROM from The Learning Division of Mattel Interactive Here's how to enter:

How to Enter..

Write an essay based on your two favorite Pokémon characters, using the following theme: "If I were a famous artist, what type of art would I create, and how would I use my art to help my community?" To bring your essay to life, create an art project featuring the same Pokémon characters which were featured in your essay.

Entries will be divided into three age groups: 5-7, 8-10, 11 and up.

Representatives from Mattel Interactive, The Learning Division will judge the contest. Entries should be sent to:

"ProjectROM Pokémon" Contest
c/o Mattel Interactive, The Learning Division
6493 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 94555
Contest Deadline: June 1, 2000

Check out the rules:

All entries must include the writer's name, address, phone number, and birth date (age, month and year).

All entries must be signed by a parent who states that the writer created the story and made the art project herself/himself.

All entries and ideas become the property of Mattel Interactive, The Learning Division, and will not be returned to the entrant.

Essays should be no more than two pages in length.

Art projects should not cost more than $10.00 to create.

Winners will be announced on

Welch's Pokémon Coloring Contest:

Welch's Logo

©< ,Official Pokémon Website, >

Win a Nintendo® Game Boy® Color System!

Enter the Welch's Pokémon Coloring Contest.

The Welch's Pokémon coloring contest will give children ages 5-7 and ages 8-12 the chance to win! There will be 50 Nintendo® Game Boy® Color Systems awarded in each age group. To receive your Welch's Pokémon Coloring Contest Page with Entry Form:

1. Log onto and enter in the UPC number found beneath the bar code on a lid of a Welch's 10 oz. Jelly Glass to download a Welch's Pikachu Coloring Contest Page with Entry Form and follow the instructions.  


2. Look for the mail-in certificate on specially marked 32 oz. Welch Spreads to mail-in for a Welch's Pikachu Coloring Contest Page with Entry Form.

3. Color the Welch's Pikachu Tumbler as well as draw and color a picture of yourself in your favorite place around the Welch's Pikachu Tumbler on the Official Entry Form you downloaded or received by mail.

4. Mail to the appropriate address (depending upon how official Coloring Contest Page with Entry Form was obtained):

Welch's Pokémon Internet Entries
PO Box 6764
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

A parental/legal guardian signature will be required to enter contest.

Contest ends 7/31/00.

Capture all nine Welch's Pokémon Collectible Jelly Glasses

Enjoy the great taste of Welch's jams and jelly in limited edition Pokémon jelly glasses. The jelly glasses feature these favorite Pokémon characters:
#25 Pikachu
#52 Meowth
#07 Squirtle
#04 Charmander
#61 Poliwhirl
#54 Psyduck
#?? Togepi
#35 Clefairy
#01 Bulbasaur

©1995, 1996, 1998 Nintendo, CREATURES, GAME FREAK. TM and ® are trademarks of Nintendo. ©2000 Nintendo. ©2000 Welch Foods Inc., A Cooperative.

Please Read Our Privacy Policy

Pokémon, Game Boy, Gotta Catch'em All, Jungle, Fossil and the official Nintendo seal are all trademarks of Nintendo. ©1995, 1996, 1998, and 1999 Nintendo, CREATURES, GAME FREAK.® & ™

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