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The activities on this page have been designed to help you learn the information that we are studying in our Language Arts Classes. Your Language Arts Quizzes will also be located at this site.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Final Exam ESL Language Arts - Period 2 - 2013
Final Exam ESL Language Arts - Period 3A - 2013
Final Exam ESL Language Arts - Period 3B - 2013
Is, Are, Was, Were
Exam Review Quiz 1 - 2nd Period (Homophones)
Latin and Greek Roots Practice Quiz
They're, Their and There Practice
Literary Devices
Singular Noun, Plural Noun Columns
This is a practice assignment for fun.
Months of the Year Order
Practice putting the months in order.
Alphabetical Order Quiz
English Irregular Verbs
Subject and Predicate Columns
Is or Are
Choose Is or Are
Matching Long a words and Short a Words
This is a practice assignment for fun.
Do you Know when to use Past and Present Tense Verbs?
Match the Subject and the Predicate _ am, is , are
Regular Past Tense Verbs Battleship
They're, There and Their Quiz
Subject-Verb Agreement - Review
Wo, What, When, Where, Why?
Prepositions. Know how 20 basic prepositions are used in English.
Nouns: Person, Place or Thing?
November Review Quiz 7
Simple Present Tense Verbs Practice
Independent simple subject and predicate
Genres of Literature
Adjectives and more adjectives!
Adjective Search
8 Parts of Speech Review
Find the common nouns and proper nouns to Sink the Ships
Describing People Vocabulary
Subject - Predicate Practice 2
Subject and Verb Matching - Hobbies
Verbs in the Present Tense
Question Words
Helping/Auxiliary Verbs
Language Arts Trivia Game
Practice Verb Tense Agreement with this paragraph
Patterns of Nouns, Verbs and Prepositions
Irregular Past Tense Verb Quiz - All answers will be a form of a past tense verb
English Irregular Verbs
Do you know when to use 'a' or 'an?'
Regular Past Tense Verbs Practice Quiz
Sentence Types
Sentence Types Practice Quiz
Punctuation Practice
Sentence structure practice game
Conjunction Choice
Sports Idiom Practice
Body Idioms Review
All Idioms Flashcards and Activities Review
Color Idioms - (pictures)
Color Idioms
Face Idioms
Face Idioms
Sports Idioms Practice 2
Idioms about Sports Practice
True Colors Idiom Activity
Feelings Idioms
Idioms of the Body "The Long Arm of the Law"
Sports Idioms Quiz
Photo Identification
ESL Pre-Assessment 2010
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