novice2section3 Sr. Yegros
Weston High School Spanish Novice II, section 3

For Wednesday, November 8:
    TEST. You should study:
  • Clothing/weather vocabulary (copies of the list can be found on this page. Click below where it says "TEST VOCABULARY" and then click where it says "List of Terms"),
  • Changing from singular to plural
  • Conjugating in the present tense (-ar, -er, -ir verbs) You should bring your book to class, because you will have to write a description of a photograph found in the book.
For Thursday, November 9:
    Complete the worksheet that I handed out in class. It's a review of the question words introduced on Monday.
For Monday, November 13:
    Study the vocabulary that you learned in class on Thursday, because you'll have a quiz on that as well as the question words that we have been studying.
For Wednesday, November 15:
    Complete the worksheet that I handed out in class. It uses all of the conjugations of the verb "ir," which means "to go."
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