~~~ THE PEARL Reading discussion groups ~~~

* Topics:

1. This book is often called a PARABLE. Define the term parable. Describe why this book might fit this definition. Be sure to include specific evidence from the novel.

2. Consider this statement from Harry Morris: "Kino's journey is a journey of his soul, a journey perhaps from sin to grace." In what ways does the story represent these things?

3. Think about this book in relation to human nature. What do the characters, conflicts, and plot say about the nature of humans? What kind of statement does the ending make?

4. Identify and trace themes in this story.

5. Identify and discuss examples of symbolism in the book. Think deep!

6. How does this book relate to the lives of people your age? How does this book relate to Americans? How does this book relate to people around the world? How is this book "universal"? Give specific examples from the story.

7. What imagery is used in this story? What is the effect?

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