policies Master Gamer
You Want to submit something but your afraid it's not going to get on? It will get on if you follow these policies(unless you mess up and I don't get it all). here are the policies for all sections.


Do you have a site that is about Video Games? Well go to the contribute page and give me your site's name,URL and your E-mail address (or if you don't want it shown just tell me you don't want it shown and give me a fake name). You MUST Have My link (http://www.quia.com/pages/gaming.html) on within a week of submitting it or the link will be removed (this keeps it fair) I will view it and if it doesn't have anything serious on it,I will put the link on my site under links and put submitted by (your name here). The Point value for a site submitted is 5 points.


If you have a tip on how to pass certain levels or a code (excludes game enhancer codes)that work please submit them to me (they must be clearly written so that people can actually understand them and put them to good use. Remember that the codes MUST be for N64,Dreamcast,Genesis,Game Boy/Color or Super NES! When you submit them you must put the System, Name of the game and what it does then explain how to do it along with an E-mail address or fake name.
for example one could be...
(Instead of saying N64 it would be on the N64 Page)

F-Zero X
Unlock everything
Submitted by: Master Gamer At the Main Menu press L,Z,R,C-Up,C-down,C-Left,C-right and then press start to unlock all tracks,Vehicles,the Master dificulty and the F-Zero X Cup.
this code explains perfectly how to execute the code, tells what game and system it's on and tells who it was submitted by. I would post this code. (the only codes that are not like this are as of 01/20/01 and are old if you submit one now it has to be like this. The Point value is 3pt. each.

Game Saves

To Submit a Game Save AS AN ATTACHMENT THROUGH E-MAIL!!! Game Saves MUST BE STARTED BY YOU!!! A Game Save you got off of PlanetWeb and souped up is just plain wrong and will not be tollerated. (As is taking a Game Save and calling it yours). Also, Game Saves MUST be for Sega Dreamcast and a VMS/VMI file as I do not yet know how to work the Interact/Nexus card's DCI files
Game Saves are worth 15pts. Mail them to gmr@email.pokemonparadise.com
Anything you submit that is posted YOU will get FULL CREDIT for.

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