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Nathan Hale Elementary My best friends are:Nour, Monica, Kylee, and Tina
  Hi Everyone! Welcome to QT69's web page.Come and join the fun! Play the games, take my quizzes or just look at my site. You can take a quiz about me. See how much you can remember from my web page. Take the imformation and answer the questions correctly and get a high score. Play the games such as concentretion, matching, hangman, and more.

  Here are some answeres to the quiz questions. I am 10 years old. I have 7 people in my family including my older brother who has gone away to college. My best friends are: Nour, Monica, Kylee, and Tina. My name is Shayna Dorian Duminie and I have 19 letters in the answer to all the letters in my middle, beginning, and end.My favorite author is Judy Blume. I have a very cute puppy named Spiral. His 2 colors are black and white.I share a room with my sister Keesha.My sister's and brother's names are: Talisa, Keesha, Leron, and Sean. My siter's and brother's ages from youngest to oldest are: 8, 10, 12, 15, and 23.My birthday is December 20, 1990. My favorite book is "Are you there God, it's me, Magraret" by Judy Blume. I go to Nathan Hale Elementary. My favorite food is pizza. My mom's and dad's name is Phyllis and Dwight. Remember these answeres and go to my mini quiz. See what you could remember.

  If you have any questions about my web site please email me at: HALrm209@SD54.K12.IL.us.

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