rudneyeslb1 Mrs. Rudney
George C. Marshall High School French and ESL teacher
Dear Students,
Welcome back to school and to your B1 literature class which, I hope you will find interesting, enriching and helpful for all the writing and other projects you may get in other subjects this year.

In this class, we will build on the skills that you acquired in your A level classes and explore more complex aspects of the English language through grammar,literature and various oral and written projects.

Our classes will include:
    -grammar study, with exercises and tests
    -vocabulary study through texts explained in 
    -literature through excerpts from various texts,
     articles, poems, and reading at least one whole novel.
    -oral presentations
    -written projects

I give homework regularly, and check on it either by correcting it in class or by grading it at home. It is very important that you do the homework as it is an opportunity for you to practice what we have studied in class.

Active participation in class is equally important: it covers reading aloud, answering and asking questions,but also listening and coming prepared for the lessons.

This is the way the grades will be counted:
     -homework  20%
     -classwork  15%
     -projects and compositions   25%
     -participation   15%
     -tests     25%
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