French 3
  Français 3
This page contains a variety grammar, verb, vocabulary and culture games, activities and quizzes for your class. For flashcards, matching, word search and memory games of textbook-only vocabulary go to the BON VOYAGE VOCAB GAMES link on my profile page and find your book and the chapter you need.
My Quia activities and quizzes
BV 1A-Irregular Verb Conjugations
BV 1B-Irregular Verb conjugations
DOP, IOP, Y, EN-Present
Spelling Change Verb Conjugations
DOP & IOP translations- 3rd person.
Fr 3-Rest/Cuisine/Nourr/Courses
French Foods - from BV 1- Chapter 5
BV 2- Ch. 6- Gastronomie
BV 2- Ch. 4-Voyages Intéressants
French- Imperfect conjugations
BV 1A-Ch. 5- Café & Restaurant
BV 1A-Ch. 6- Nourriture & Courses
Bon Voyage 1 Chapitre 6
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