French 4
  Français 4
This page contains a variety grammar, verb, vocabulary and culture games, activities and quizzes for your class. For flashcards, matching, word search and memory games of textbook-only vocabulary go to the BON VOYAGE VOCAB GAMES link on my profile page and find your book and the chapter you need.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Adjective Agreement-Moyen
French -Present tense verb review
Spelling Change Verb Conjugations
BV 2- Ch. 7 -Voiture & Route
La Voiture et les Véhicules
French 1 & 2 Basic Prepositions of Location
French- En Ville et La Voiture
Les Lieux / Places to go
Places in town
Road Signs in France
Adjective Agreement Rules-French 2+
Advanced Irregular French Verbs
BV 2- Ch. 9- Hôtel
BV 3- Ch. 1-Leç 1
Les Voyages
BV 3- Ch. 1-Leç 2
Plane/Train conversation
BV 3- Ch. 1-Leç 3
BV 3- Ch. 4 Leç. 1
Avoir or être or both ? - Passé Composé
French 1- Basic Weather Terms
French 1 Regular Adjective Meanings
French 1- Weather
French- 4/5-Irregular Verbs - Meanings
French regular verbs- meanings
Le Passé Composé
PC-avoir or être
Reflexive Verb meanings-basic
Sur le Vif- Chapter 5 Vocab
Vacation activities/sports
French- Imperfect conjugations
Passé Composé conjugations-advanced
Passe Compose vs. Imparfait
Passé Composé vs. Imparfait---Rules
PC- avoir, être, both
PC- avoir/etre/reflexives
PC- reflexive verbs
French Subjunctive Jeopardy
French- Future conjugations
Future/Conditional Stems
French- Subjunctive formation-ALL
French-Subjunctive-Impersonal Phrases
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