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*********Schedule of Spanish 104 up coming events********
************************************************************The SPA 104 final will be held on December 16th 1999 @ 3:30p.m. in NSM 225.  Plan accordingly.  THERE WILL BE NO MAKE-UPS GIVEN FOR THE FINAL.  N O   E X C E P T I O N S.
104 Paper/Oral Presentation
Due date: November 23rd 1999  

As the deadline to hand-in the paper draws near, I feel I should clarify certain things about it; as criteria goes.  Again, you are free to choose any topic of your own, along the lines of Hispanic/Spanish history, culture, important figures and/or people... even Hispanic/Spanish food(s).  The paper is to be NO LESS THAN TWO PAGES DOUBLE-SPACED and have a works cited page.  The paper should be properly edited and documented in MLA format to recieve full credit.

Papers are due WITHOUT EXCEPTION on November 23rd 1999 before 3:00p.m. EST.  If you will not be in class to hand in the paper personally, you must see to it that it be in my mailbox [in 910 Clemens Hall] by the due time.

ALL papers will be handed back on November 29th.
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