Economics 1st Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District World History Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz 01-01 Economics, Needs, Wants, Goods, and Services
Quiz 01-02 Scarcity, Choices, and Opportunity Cost
Quiz 01-03 Factors of Production
Quiz 01-04 Productivity and Specialization
TEST 01-T What is Economics?
Quiz 02-01 Three Basic Questions
Quiz 02-02 Traditional and Command Economic Systems
Quiz 02-03 The Market Economy
Quiz 02-04 A Mixed Economic System
TEST 02-T Economic Systems
Quiz 03-01 Economic Principles in Key American Documents
Quiz 03-02 Characteristics of Free Enterprise
Quiz 03-03 The Role of Profits and Losses
TEST 03-T Economics in the United States
Quiz 04-01 The Law of Demand
Quiz 04-02 Elastic and Inelastic Demand
Quiz 04-03 Changes in Demand
TEST 04-T Demand
Quiz 05-01 the Law of Supply
Quiz 05-02 Changes in Supply
Quiz 05-03 Production and Supply
TEST 05-T Supply
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