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Book Talks are going on this quarter.  Make sure you know which date you are presenting.  You need to have a copy of the book, a book cover, and a summary of the book without giving away the ending.

Week of January 28-February 1

Please note that these assignments are an overview in some of the classes and do not give exact problems or pages.

Monday, January 28, 2002
Language Arts - INDY=165, Chpt. 11, No Promises Test on Wednesday
Math AIM - subt. decimals, making change
Math Pre-algebra - review chpt. 5
Math Adv. Algebra - more 6-4 wiring systems, graphing calculator activity
Social Studies -
Science - Mineral Study Guide Work
                    HW: Study for Ch. 3 test

Tuesday,January 29, 2002
Language Arts - INDY=171, review for test
Math AIM - quiz on mon. work
Math Pre-Algebra - review chapter 5 test notes
Math Adv.Algebra - 6-5 linear inequalities
Social Studies -
Science - Mineral Test
                   HW: Ch. 4 Coversheet & Vocab
Wednesday, January 30, 2002
Language Arts - INDY=177, No Promises Test
Math AIM - Review chapter 8
Math Pre-algebra - chapter 5 test
Math Adv. Algebra - more 6-5, quiz on 6-5, graphing calculator worksheet
Social Studies -
Science - Introduction to Rocks
                    HW: Questions in notes or Worksheet

Thursday, January 31, 2002
Language Arts - INDY=183, book talks on Friday
Math AIM - chapter 8 test, +- decimals, place value, rounding
Math Pre-algebra - 9-1 ratios and rates, portfolio entries
Math Adv. Algebra - 6-6 systems of inequalities
Social Studies -
Science - Igneous Rocks

Friday, Februrary 1, 2002 
Language Arts - INDY=214, gradesheets due Tues.
Math AIM - mult. decimals
Math Pre-algebra - 9-2 prob. solving make a table strategy
Math Adv. Algebra - choice of 2 activities, geometry and gr. calculator
Social Studies -
Science - Igneous Rocks Lab
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