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Swatara Jr/East Jr. - Central Dauphin SD German 1 and German Survey
I want all of you to try these activities!  Give me your feedback!

Thanks for all the hits on this site.  I will be adding to this often, so you should bookmark this web site for frequent viewing.

I have not had much time to add to these activities, and with Christmas coming so soon, I don't know when I will.  If you have any extra time, please create some activities for me.  EXTRA CREDIT WILL BE AWARDED!!!!

GERMAN 1 - Unit test am Donnerstag, der 9. Dezember - I HOPE!!!

Survey - We are working on classroom objects.  Check out the games I developed for you.  Viel Gluck!!!!

Viel Spass!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Komm Mit! Kapitel 3 Erste Stufe
Covers Wo wohnst du? vocab
Hangman - Kapitel 3 Erste Stufe
Covers Was mochtest du essen und trinken?
classroom objects
Jumbled German Greetings
unscramble these greetings/phrases
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