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We will update this page approximately every two weeks, or as needed per subject.

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For more detailed information on assignments and test dates, please check your child's Time Tracker.

Mrs. Gallier's Reading classesare reading and writing poetry. The students will be writing a variety of poems during class and at home. The last test for the semester will be over poetry and will be given on the days that follow the exam schedule. Test dates are as follows:
Monday, May 21 Period 4
Tuesday, May 22 Periods 1 and 3
Wednesday, May 23 Periods 2 and 8
Thursday, May 24 Periods 5 and 7

Ms. Blalock's English class  
The students are combining what they have learned about literature in reading and what they have learned about writing in English to create short stories. Ask your child about their chosen topic. See the yellow Short Story Requirements handout for more detailed information.

Rough draft due 4/26 (Thursday)
FINAL DRAFT due 5/3 (Thursday)

(original due date WAS 5/1)

Following the short story writing, we will wrap up the six weeks with poetry. Students will write and analyze a variety of poems. See related poetry links below.

POETRY PROJECT - see the pink handouts for specific details.
Copy of presentation poem w/ bibliogrpahy info. due  5/9.
Presentation Plan due 5/11.
Presentations begin 5/18.

VOCABULARY this six weeks focuses on poetry/ literary terms. See Time Trackers for quiz dates. Most students have made flash cards in class.

Ask your child for the green handout.

Mrs. Thomas' Texas History

Textbook: Texas, Our Texas

Unit 10

This week, the students will be looking at various events in the 1900s that are mentioned throughout Unit 10. Several of the events include the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII,and the Great Depression. These topics will be examined in greater detail next year in 8th grade. The students will take an open note quiz over the material discussed in class this week.

Wednesday, May 16th: Unit 10 Vocabulary Quiz

Unit 10 Open-note quiz will take place on the exam schedule being followed by the 7th & 8th grades. Check timetrackers for exact date and time.

Mrs. Coleman's Science

After TAAS, students will also be working on a mural for a selected biome.  Work will wil done in class.

Ecology/Biomes Test -- Tuesday, May 1.

The next unit will be over catastrophic events.  The unit will include such things as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes with other events being touched on as well.


Mrs. Bell's Mathematics

Parents please be sure your child has supplies!!  I have quite a few without pencils, paper, and hand held pencil sharpeners!!

Many parents ask what they can do with their children over the summer to keep skills sharp.  A Summer Review Books form went home on Wed. March 28.  The math sections I saw looked pretty good.  You mail in the form and the books come straight to you!  Remember this is a review of past year NOT a preview of next year!

All classes take computation quizzes (usually on Mondays). These are over basic skills.  Please encourage your child to look over their quizzes!!  As soon as they make a 100, they do not have to take them for the remainder of the six weeks!

Periods 2, 4, and 7 will be starting a unit on equations.  They will be solving one and two step equations as well as inequalities. They will have a cumulative test (over second semester material) the last week of school. Please do NOT sent calculators from home as they are disrupting other classes!!

Tentative dates -
Quiz - Fri.- May 4
Test - Fri.- May 11
Cumulative tese - May 21-24


Periods 5 and 8 will finish the year with a unit on radicals followed by an algebra unit studying polynomials (ch.13).  They will have a cumulative test (over second semester material) the last week of school.  I understand that we will follow the same schedule from first semester.

Tentative dates -
 Test - Friday, May 4
 Quiz - Friday, May 11
  Test - Friday, May 18
  Cumulative Test May 21 -24

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