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Thomas Alva Edison was a genuine American hero. His fertile mind was responsible for many of the inventions/innovations that make our life a little easier and more productive.

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1. How did Edison define the word "genius"?

2. What was Edison's first patented invention?

3. What are some important patents granted to Edison?

4. What was Edison's nickname?

5. Why did Edison work with assistants?

6. Which of Edison's projects that was not commercially successful?

7. What did Edison believe about mass production?

8. What did most historians and scientists believe was Edison's most significant development?

9. How did Edison make electric lighting practical?

10. How many patents were awarded to Edison?

11. Name three inventions of other people that Edison improved upon?

12. What was the "kinetoscope"?

13. Where was Edison born?

14. How old was Edison when he died in 1931?

15. What was the first invention he was able to sell?

16. What was considered to be his most "original" invention?

17. What nursery rhyme did Edison recite when he demonstrated his phonograph invention?

18. Edison was involved in the development of motion pictures. What was the title of his first "movie"?

19. In what geometric shape was Edison's phonograph "record" made?

20. What invention that Edison sold provided the money for him to start his first business?

21. Edison is quoted as saying,"My main purpose in life is to ____________ so that I can afford to go on creating more inventions."

22. Edison had 3 children. What nicknames did he give to Marion and Tom?

23. What did Edison's first grade teacher do to students who asked questions?

24. What did Edison use for phonograph needles?

25. Edison saved a young boy's life. How did the boy's father thank Edison?

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