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Core 3rd Nine Weeks assignments:
Please note that you are responsible for making up all work that is missed in this class!

Assignments for Core by Date Assigned
Wed., Feb. 9, 2000 SOL Workbook p. 1-5 and Worksheet (Back and front): Patterns of Multiples and Factors (I)/Patterns of Multiples and Factors(II)
Fri., Feb. 11, 2000 SOL Workbook p. 6-10 and Worksheet (Back and front): Patterns of Divisibility/Visual Patterns
Tue., Feb. 15, 2000 SOL Workbook p. 11-15 and Worksheet (Back and front): Logic Patterns (I)/Digit Sum Average
Th., Feb. 17, 2000 SOL Workbook p. 16-20 and Worksheet (Back and front): Addition Table Patterns (I)/Hundreds Chart Patterns (I)
Mon., Feb. 21, 2000 SOL Workbook p. 21-25 and Worksheet (Back and front): Figure Sort/Number Juggling
Wed., Feb. 23, 2000 SOL Workbook p. 25-30 and Worksheet (Back and front): Find the Missing Digits (I)/Number Search
Fri., Feb. 25, 2000 SOL Workbook p. 31-35 and Worksheet (Back and front): Bingo Patterns (I)/ Number Patterns (II)

Core Class updated Feb. 24 at 11:36pm.
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