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Tuckahoe Middle School Retired Math Board Sub for Mrs. Girvins
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Email Class Roster List - Period 8 - Course 3 Regular Math
Andrey Akkerman is not working as of 5/1/00.
Gorana Bacic
Lindsay Buhman
Brandon Cassell
Harrison Dilday
Kristen Duke Email Address Given,, Not Working
Lawrence Heisler
Lindsay Holmes
Zubair Hossain No Email Address Given
Todd McGrath Email Address Given,, is Not Working
Anne McIlwain
Bryan Melhorn Email Address Given,, Not Working as of 3/27/00.
Ivy Mochary Email Given,, Is Not Working
Tamara Parsons
Ross Pearce No Email Address Given
Laura Vickery No Email Address Given
Wally Wright No Email Address Given
Retired Math Teacher: Ruth Staley
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