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Tuckahoe Middle School Retired Math Board Sub. for Mrs. Girvin

Advanced Math - Period 4
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Period 4 Email Roster

  • The test on Triangles and Patchwork Sections A-E will be on Friday, March 3. In the meantime, I told Mr. Jones, the math department chair, that you need to push onto the Insights on Data booklet.
  • Quiz on Section E fist thing Monday, Feb. 28. Please email me if you have any questions. I may not be on the payroll anymore, but I still care.
  • Homework due on Thursday, Feb. 24 NB#13?: Section E p. 37-42 #1, and 3-5 ALL
  • There will be a quiz on Section D on Thursday, February 24.
  • I have a dental appointment on Tuesday and there will be a substitute.  She will give you the answers to the rest of Section D.  Let me know if you have questions before your quiz!!!
  • Homework due on Tuesday, Feb. 22 NB #12?: The rest of the problems in Section D.  I believe it is Problems #15-17.  (I am in a Web Page class and do not have my lesson plans with me.)
  • Homework due on Friday, Feb. 18 NB #11: Problems #8-14 in Section D.
  • Homework due on Wednesday, Feb. 16 NB #9: The Point-to-Point activity and problems #1-7 in Section D and the Venn Diagram worksheet.
  • There was a quiz on Section C on Wednesday, February 16.
  • Homework due on Monday, Feb. 14: NB #7 Summary questions 15-17 All.
  • In class on Tuesday, Feb. 8 - finish Section B homework and Start Section C - will do Problems 1, 2, & 6 in small groups in class. Homework due Thursday, Feb. 10: NB#6 p.18 3-5 All and p.20-23 7-14 ALL

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