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Venture Crew 712 BSA

Current News/Activities

President:  John Paul Cook
Administrative Vice President: Julia Reynolds
Program Vice President: Megan McMahon
Secretary:  Matt Monahan
Treasurer:  Jennifer Vilbig


There is a brunch this Sunday at McManus Hall.  Be there at 8:00.  It will probably last until 12:30.  All profits are divided equally among those who participate.  Last time each person made $45 dollars (towards Philmont)

The November Campout is from November 20-22 at Camp Constantin.  RSVP to the Venture Crew email (at bottom) immediatley!

Philmont Money-  $222.50 is due as soon as possible.

The Executive Committee needs to be is the same day that we get back from Camp Constantin....expect that date to change.

The November Activity is a social. Any ideas?  Bowling, etc.

The new email is
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