Recommendation Information
Mount Sinai High School Physics Teacher/Head Coach Cross Country, Winter and Spring Track
Letter of Recommendation Information Sheet for Mr. Dwyer
Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine!

Please copy and paste this into an email, word document or google document, complete all information and email me at your completed information.  Remember to include your name and Recommendation Information in the subject line.  I like to tie my letters into you as a person as well as a student or athlete.  It will also help me to help you if you share your college essays with me.  It can just be your drafts or final copies.  This is really to get a sense of what you are writing about and then I can try to relate your essay into some of the things that I write about. 

Writing recommendations takes a considerable amount of time.  I usually get a great deal of letters to write, and I want to do the best job possible.  I usually need a minimum of two weeks to write a letter!  Please do not wait until the last minute to submit to me the information that I need.  A properly completed form will help me to help you!  You may attach additional pages or forms that are relevant to what you need.  You should think about what you need and clearly communicate it to me in writing and with a verbal confirmation.

Today’s Date:                
Date that you would like the letter by:
The deadline date by the institution:

Clearly state what the recommendation is for.
Clearly let me know what you need me to do for you. 
For example, a full letter of recommendation.  An application or a common application?  Do you need a statement or a check off box form.  Know exactly what you need before you ask me to do something for you.  If it is a letter, let me know what you would want me to emphasize! 

Full Name:

E-mail address:


Home Phone Number:

Your Cell Number:

Parent or Guardian’s Names:

Guidance Counselor:

Names of all teachers you have asked or planning to ask to write recommendations for you.

List any Special Talents that you may have, Any Special Honors or Awards.

What field do you plan to study in college?   Why?

What are your long-term plans for a career?  Why?

List, in order of preference, the names of colleges/universities you would like to attend.

*If you were to write your own letter of recommendation, what would you include?

Please tell me about yourself.  Include hobbies, activities, work experience and community service.  How would you describe yourself and how do others describe you?  What are your strongest personal traits?  What are your weaknesses and what have you done to work on them?  What are your future goals?  What would you like to be doing in four to eight years?  What makes you unique?  Why should colleges accept you?  What additional information would you like me to include in your recommendation? 

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