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I revamped this site after years away from it. Please feel free to let ME hear from and about YOU!  Just send me an email to the address in the upper right corner, (where I was caught fishin') and let me know who you are, then things like what activities worked or didn't work,  b) tell me if you found one of my many mistakes, c) if you would like to see another type of activity added.

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My Quia activities and quizzes
Analogies Challenge
Associations with Animals
BasiConcepts Match II
BasiConcepts Match I
Calendar Challenge
Categories Battleship
Categories Challenge II
Categories Challenge I
Categories Challenge IV
Categories Columns
Categories Columns II
Categories Ladder
Categories Ladder II
Days of The Week
Deerly Departed Story Fill-in
Description Challenge
Name the item described!
Holiday Timeline Game
Homonym Helper
Homophones To Answer
What Can You Infer?
What Can You Infer #2
UPPER CASE Alphabet List
Months of the Year (Ordered List)
Homophone Concentration
Multiple Meaning Word Finder
Opposites Battleship
Opposites Jumbalaya I
Opposite Meanings I
Opposite Meanings II
It's Not Important: Identifying Non-Salient Details in Stories #2
Plurals with syllabic "es" endings
Prefix Millionaire
Pronunciation of regular past tense ed
Social Skills
Springtime Hangman
Super Problem Solver
The 5 Senses
Synonyms Double Rhyme Match
Synonyms Sticks II
synonym concentration
Synonyms Sticks I
Thanksgiving Hangman
Valentine Vocabulary
Vocabulary Match II (Spanish to English Foods)
Vocabulary Match (Spanish to English) I
WHEN Questions!
Alphabetical Names
Category Ladder III
WHEN Questions! #2
Antonyms (Opposites) Level I Battleship
Holiday Fun
Months Of The Year Sequence
Category Match
Taste and Feel
Old Glory Vocabulary
Inference Battleship
Categories Challenge III
Categories Battleship II
Baseball Hangman
BASICONCEPTS (on/under) Match
What Can You Infer?
Description Challenge
BasiConcepts Columns
Basic Concepts Match
Categories Hangman
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