Chinese Placement Test

This test will be used to place you in an appropriate level (Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Elementary Chinese, Advanced Chinese or above).

There are four parts in this test. You are not expected to know the answer to every question. You may skip questions that you cannot answer and it is to your advantage not to make any guess. For your reference, questions marked with asterisks(*) belong to the level of advanced Chinese or above. If you think you are not likely to be placed at that level, please disregard those questions.

Remember that you are on your honor when you take this on-line placement test. The test must be taken in one sitting and assistance of any kind (books, dictionaries, on-line glossaries, help from others is absolutely forbidden. For the Listening part, you may click on the sound file only once in order to answer the question below. You may take the entire test only once.

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