D'Aulaire's Boook of Greek Myths, pages 16-27

NOTE THAT I AM REVIEWING ALL THE QUIZZES AND YOUR LISTED SCORE IS YOUR ROUGH SCORE. I ADD POINTS AFTER READING YOUR ACTUAL ANSWERS, SINCE MY ANSWERS MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN. You may use the book and the podcast that is on the hw calendar. Use your first name and your period as your first and last names. Earn over 80% for a doodle. Over 90% for a popple. You may take this multiple times until you earn one popple per day until March 2nd; HOWEVER, REMEMBER TO NUMBER YOUR NAME, E.G. MARISA1 A(PERIOD), MARISA2 A, ET CETERA. OTHERWISE, I WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO RETRIEVE ONE SCORE FOR YOU.


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