5 TRAVEL Quiz: Genetics

Please Read: This TRAVEL Quiz is an open TRAVEL assignment exam including open notes, handout, and text; however, please honor class policies by only working alone with no help from others. Even though you may take this exam any time prior to the chapter test, it would be advised that you have completed the TRAVEL Assignment (reading / vocabulary) prior to taking this quiz. One question will be shown at a time, you may not skip or back-track a question, nor will you be allowed to change your answer once submitting and going on to the next question; so be careful when selecting a key. Also note that the exam is timed; however, you may pause the exam and return to it at a later time. You will only see a score at the end of the exam. If you have an issue, it is your responsibility to notify the teacher. Failure to complete the TRAVEL Quiz by the scheduled due date may result in a zero for the grade.

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