Student Handbook Test 2021-2022

Secret Word= Dragons
This is a test for the Maggie L. Walker Gov.'s School Handbook 2021-2022. Mastery is considered 80%. You may use only your student handbook to take this test. When you submit this test you have acknowledged the school honor code. You have unlimited opportunities to reach mastery of this test. You must complete the test by 9/19/21 (11 P.M.) You will be locked out after that time. Don't wait until the last hour to start. If this is not successfully completed by the deadline, frequent communication will take place until an 80% or higher is achieved.

Please type your student ID # from Powerschool

(Not sure what it is? It can be found on Powerschool on the front page of the Student or Parent Portal; hint: this begins with your graduation year.)

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