2018 Competency Re- Assessment, Set A

~This exercise is a competency assessment of testing personnel for the CLIA Contract Counties. Every person in this facility who performs this test must submit a report. You will have one attempt to submit this report. Once you click submit at the end of the quiz, your report will be finalized.

~Evaluate the elements in the photographs. Indicate the results for those elements in the appropriate response boxes on the report form. Some facilities are not required to perform evaluations for all areas of the Microscopy Competency Series. In these cases, indicate TEST NOT PERFORMED as your answer for that challenge. If you are unable to view all photos, contact Angie Bradley at (919) 733-7186. Other questions or comments should be referred to your regional technical consultant.

Wet Mount: Identify the element(s) marked in the photo.
Stat Gram Stain: Indicate the interpretation that BEST describes the smear in the photo.

~ Since results will be entered using the internet, each participant must print a copy of the form to sign and keep in house. Sign and date the Attestation Statement below the test reporting area.

~All reports must be returned by April 23, 2018.


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