General Biology Final Exam

Please Read: 1) Be sure to have your backup answer sheet ready as instructed / use the back of the answer sheet as scratch paper if needed, 2) Be aware of your time while taking the exam, 3) Any short answer questions will be graded by the instructor and are subject to points/percentages taken off your final score if your answer(s) are unacceptable; otherwise, you can assume your score at the end of this exam is your final grade, 4) Be careful when selecting your choices, 5) No electronics, talking or disruptions during the testing, 6) Turn in your backup answer sheet (with name/period) as directed, 7) Any form of cheating will result in a zero. If QUIA locks up for more than 30 seconds or an error occurs, try clicking the “back arrow” in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. You may have to answer [continue] after words. Thank you and good luck on your exam.

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Biology Teacher
Southern Wells High School
Poneto, IN