Stage 17 - Vocabulary Grammar

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Nouns – nominative/singular, genitive/singular, gender – if the gender is given, it is a noun

Declension – look at the genitive singular ending to determine a noun’s declension (noun family)
-ae=1st Declension
-ī=2nd Declension
-is=3rd Declension
-ūs=4th Declension
-eī=5th Declension (rēs, diēs)

Adjectives – masculine, feminine, neuter

Verbs – 1st person singular present tense, infinitive, 1st person singular perfect tense

Conjugation – look at the 2nd principal part (infinitive) to determine a verb’s conjugation (verb family)
-āre=1st Conjugation
-ēre=2nd Conjugation
-ere=3rd Conjugation
-īre=4th Conjugation
double consonant + e=Irregular – esse, velle, posse, ferre, nōlle

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