Placement Test to enter FRENCH 3

We hope to place you in a class that meets your needs - one that is neither too hard, nor too easy. Since middle school programs vary greatly, we have found that the easiest way to ensure that you land in the best level for you is to take this placement test. We want next year to be successful and full of positive learning experiences, so if you are not placed as high as you had hoped, it is not a reflection on your middle school or your abilities.
You will have 75 min to complete this test. You will first take a 64-question multiple choice test, then write a short essay. Please do not begin unless you can finish it in one sitting.

Test into French 2: Choose this test if you have completed a full year of French 1, or two full years of French 1 Part 1/Part A and French 1 Part 2/Part B.
Test into French 3: Choose this test if your middle school has an IB program with high school levels of French 1 and 2 and you successfully completed both.

What if your situation is not described above?
We understand that your elementary and middle school language exposure may be different from what is listed above. You are welcome to contact Benedictine Schools of Richmond to discuss your best options. Or, you may choose the level you think best matches your experiences based on the descriptions above.
What if you speak French at home?
The highest level for a freshman, even a native speaker, will be level 3. If you speak French in the home, you may choose to test for level 3. If your writing or reading skills or grammar knowledge is weak, you may wish to choose to test for level 2.

This test is on an honor basis. “On your honor” means that you accept no outside help at all: no computers, no dictionaries, no advice from anyone. Please remember that you do not need to impress us. We want you to be in the best level for you, and if you misrepresent your abilities in any way, you will most likely be placed in a level that is too hard for you.

This quiz is timed.
The total time allowed for this quiz is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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