Tutorial - Creating an Activity 

Create an Activity

It's easy to create your own Quia activities and quizzes.

Creating Activities

  1. If you already have a Quia account, log in. If you are new to Quia, you must create a free 30-day trial account. There is no charge for creating a trial account, but after a month, you'll need to subscribe if you want to continue using Quia.
  2. Click Activities in the left menu.
  3. Select the type of activity you want from the drop-down menu and click Go.
  4. Follow the directions provided in the Activity Editor. If you need help with any section, click Help. Don't worry about making a mistake. You can always go back later and make changes. No one will see your activity unless you want them to.
  5. Once you have completed the steps to create your activity, you click Done.

Quia will display the URL (the Web address beginning with http://) of your page.

You can share your activity or quiz with someone simply by telling that person the URL. Once someone knows the URL of your activity or quiz, he or she can type that URL into a Web browser on any computer with Internet access to use your activity. 

You can share your activities with as many people as you want. If you forget the URL of your Quia activity, don't worry. The Activities page lists all of your activity URLs for easy reference. Quia can even e-mail the URL directly from the Activities page - just click the icon next to the title of the activity and enter the e-mail addresses. Quia will send a message with your activity URL to everyone you specified.

Another way to let people know about your activities is to add the activity to your profile. Simply go to the Activities page and click the profile icon for the activity. The icon turns blue, which indicates that the activity is displayed on your profile. To add multiple activities at once, select the check boxes for each activity, then click the Other Actions drop-down list and select Add to profile.

Note: Other people do not need to log in to use your activities. Anyone can use your activities simply by typing in the URL. For quizzes, you can choose whether to require users to be logged in.

Creating Quizzes

  1. Click Quizzes in the left menu.
  2. Click Basic or Advanced, depending on the options you want to include with your quiz. To view information about the differences between the Basic and Advanced quiz editors, see this comparison chart.
  3. Complete Sections 1 - 4 and click Done at the bottom of the page. At any time, you can click Preview to see how your quiz looks from a student's perspective. You can get help for each section in the editor by clicking the Help link in the upper right corner.
  4. Choose the assignment settings for your quiz, then click Done. When you assign a quiz to a class, Quia displays it on the class Web page.
  5. If you want to add the quiz to your profile page, click  on the Quizzes page.