Tutorial - Classes 

Classroom management tools help you and your students get the most out of Quia quizzes.

If you are a Quia subscriber, you can create one or more online classes in which your students can enroll. Creating a class takes just a minute's worth of time and offers many benefits:

Benefits to instructors:

  • You'll have a student roster and a gradebook showing all of your students and all of the quizzes you have given. You can view quiz results for the class as a whole or for a particular student, for all quizzes at once or for a single quiz only.
  • You can restrict quizzes to enrolled students only. This provides better security and reduces the risk of cheating.
  • You can give personalized feedback to students when grading their quiz results.

Benefits to students:

  • Students can have their own Quia accounts. Student accounts are free and allow students to review all of their past quiz results at any time.
  • Students can log in to see feedback that instructors have given them on their graded quizzes.
  • Students can organize their quiz results by class if they have multiple instructors using Quia.

How do I get started?

First, log into the Instructor Zone and click on the Classes link in the left menu to access the Class Manager page. Click the Create a new class button. You will be asked whether students should enroll themselves or if you will enroll your students.

Which enrollment method is right for you?

Instructor enroll is the preferred method for most situations. You, as the instructor, will enter a list of student names. Quia will then create an account for each student. You will have complete control over the accounts and can look up students' usernames and passwords. Instructor enroll is best when:

  • Students are liable to forget their usernames and passwords.
  • You have fewer than 150 students.

Student self-enroll saves you the time of typing in students' names, because students create their own Quia accounts. They add themselves to your roster by typing in a class code that you have given them. Since students create their own accounts, Quia is unable, for privacy reasons, to give you access to their usernames and passwords. Student self-enroll is best when:

  • Students can be relied upon to remember their usernames and passwords.
  • You have a large number of students.

(Instructor enroll) If you choose Instructor enroll, you will be prompted to enter student information. Student names are required. Student IDs and e-mail addresses are optional. Quia will automatically generate accounts for all of your students.

(Student self-enroll) If you choose Student self-enroll, your class will be created and you will see a code consisting of letters and digits. You'll give this code to students who will use it to sign up for your class. The code is unique to you and probably looks difficult to remember. It's meant to be, so that unknown Internet users cannot guess your code and sign up for your class. Actually, though, your students will find it easy to register. As students begin signing up for your class, you'll notice their names appearing in your roster.

When you assign quizzes to your students, you'll see their results when you click on the View results link. Make sure you tell your students to enter their usernames and passwords at the start of each quiz. Or, you can restrict your quizzes to enrolled students only, which will force students to log in. Restricting a quiz to enrolled students is an option when you are distributing the quiz.

If you want to create another class, click the Create a new class button again. The new class will appear on the Class pull-down list at the top of the Roster and Results pages. Just select the class you want to view. You can change your class titles and select other class settings by clicking the Edit link in the Class Manager.

If you need more information, each page has its own Help link.

We hope you find Quia's classroom management features useful. If you have any questions not answered here or in the help pages, feel free to ask our support desk.