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Internet -- Glossary of Terms

bookmarka list of frequently used Internet resources
domain namethe name associated with a particular computer site
downloadthe process of transferring a file from another computer to your computer
e-maila way to send and receive messages electronically using a network
encryptionsending coded information over the Internet so that sensitve information cannot be intercepted and stolen
FTPmethod is used to transfer files between computers on a network
home pagedocument that appears when you access a particular Internet location
HTMLused to create documents with hypertext links
HTTPthe standard for transferring hyperlinked documents
interneta network of networks
listserv groupa mailing list type of discussion group
local area network (LAN)a communications network spanning a room or building
surfa slang term representing the way many people use the Internet by visiting a particular page and following links to other pages
uploadthe process of transferring a file from your computer to another computer
URLprovides for the Internet address of a site
WWWWorld Wide Web
browsera program such as Netscape or Internet Explorer for viewing Web documents
networktwo or more computers that are connected to share data
global domainthe last three letters of the domain name that tells you the kind of site or institution you are dealing with
hyperlinkenable you to open related web pages by clicking them with your mouse

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