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Section 18-2: Modern Evolutionary Classification


What kind of analysis focuses on the order in which derived characters appeared in organisms?cladistic analysis
In biology, an evolutionary innovation is also referred to as aderived characteristic (for example, feathers were an evolutionary innovation that set feathered dinosaurs, a later, birds, apart from all other reptiles. Therefore feathers are a type of derived characteristic that today would only be seen in birds and not other animals)
What do scientists consider when they perform a cladistic analysis?derived characteristics
A ____ is a diagram that shows evolutionary relationships based on derived characteristics.cladogram
Similar genes and DNA are evidence of _____.common ancestory
Scientists have found that even organisms as dissimilar as yeast and cows still have similar ____ for the assembly of certain key proteins.genes (or DNA. Genes are made of DNA)
What does the presence of similar genes in very dissimilar organisms imply?The two organisms once shared a common ancestor.
The more recently two different species shared a common ______, the more closely related they are.ancestor
The diagram pictured below is an example of a ___., cladogram,

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