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Earth and Space Science I Midterm Review

Chapter 4

Pangaea"All Lands", a supercontinent
Ridgesunderwater mountains
Seafloor spreadingnewer crust at mid-ocean ridges
Seafloor spreadingolder crust at plate boundaries
Lithospheredivided into plantes which move
Asthenosphereprovides convection currents on which the plates move
the oldest seafloorfound near the trench
the youngest seafloorfound near the mid-ocean ridge
the warmest ocean waterfound near the mid-ocean ridge
Mid-Atlantic Ridgeunderwater ridge in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean
the lithosphere contains thecrust and upper mantle
the aethenosphere is thesoft putty-like layer of the mantle on wheich the lithospheric plates float
Plate tectonicstheory that entire plates move
Diverging boundaryplates move opposite direction
Sliding boundaryplates slide past each other
Converging boundaryplates move toward each other or collide
Sonortechnology that uses reflected sound to map the topography of the ocean floor
the plate in whcih we liveNorth American
convection currentsmagma in the asthenosphere heats up and rises and then cools and sinks creating circular currents under the lithosphere
diverging plate boundaries are found atmid-ocean ridges
converging plate boundaries producemountain ranges
Seafloor crust is made of basalt and ismore dense than the continental curst made of granite
the seafloor crust will subduct under the continental crustexample of a converging boundary
ocean and continent converging boundariesmay produce and/or contain volcanoes
ocean and ocean converging boundariesmay produce and/or contain an island arc
continent and continent converging boundariesmay produce and/or contain mountains
the mountain range formed between India and Asia because of continent and continent converging boundariesHimalayan
Two major plates grinding past each other at the San Andreas FaultNorth American and Pacific
example of a hot spotthe plate is moving over this area creating a series of islands

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