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Ecce Romani 30


īnsula, -ae (f)island; apartment building
vīs, --, --, vim, vīforce, amount
incendium, -ī (n)fire
incola, -ae (m,f)inhabitant, tenant
omnia...agunturall is being done
īnfirmus, -a, -umweak, shaky, frail
fenestra, -ae (f)window
ōrnāmenta, -ōrum (n pl)furnishings
parvus, -a, -umsmall
tabulātum, -ī (n)story, floor
opprimunturthey are being overwhelmed
ēiciō, ēicere, ēiēcī, ēiectusto throw out
quaerō, quaerere, quaesīvī, quaesītusto seek, look for, ask (for)
opprimō, opprimere, oppressī, oppressusto overwhelm
opprimēminīyou will be crushed, overwhelmed
commoveorI am upset
dubium, -ī (n)doubt
commoveō, commovēre, commōvī, commōtusto move, upset
commovērisyou are upset
servābimurwe will be saved
pariēs, parietis (m)wall (of a house or room)

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