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Ecce 32 - "Dinner Preparations" Vocab

Drill Vocab

qua de causafor this reason
comparo, comparare, comparavi, comparatusto buy, obtain, get ready
holus, holeris (n)vegetable
panis, panis (m)bread
pullus, -ichicken
ovum, -iegg
malum, -iapple
regnum, -ikingdom
inferi, inferorumthe underworld
candelabrum, -icanadelabrum, lamp-stand
oleum, -ioil
stratum, -isheet, covering
ignis, ignis (m)fire
pallium, -icloak
iussa, -orumcommands, orders
coquo, coquere, coxi, coctusto cook
affero, afferre, attuli, allatusto bring, bring to, bring in
everto, evertere, everti, eversusto overturn, upset
deicio, deicere, deieci, deiectusto throw down; (passive: to fall)
effundo, effundere, effudi, effususto pour out; (passive: to spill)
circum (+ acc)around
pulcherrimus, -a, -umvery beautiful
complures, -es, -aseveral
comitercourteously, graciously, in a friendly way
solea, -aesandal
aufero, auferre, abstuli, ablatusto carry away, take away
accumbo, accumbere, accubui, accubiturusto recline (at a table)

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