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Light Vocabulary

The following terms are from Real World Science: Light. Match each word with its definition.

photontiny particle of moving light energy
frequencythe number of light waves that pass a certain point during a given period of time
transparentdescribes an object that transmits light, or allows light to pass through it
translucentdescribes an object that lets some light waves pass through, but blocks others
refractionthe bending of light rays as they enter a new medium
amplitudethe height of a wave measured by the distance between the center of the wave and the crest or trough
colorsdifferent frequencies of visible light; there are seven in the spectrum
lightenergy that we can see and sometimes feel as heat
opaquedescribes an object that reflects or absorbs all the light that strikes it
electromagnetictype of wave that transfers electric energy and magnetic energy

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