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Hamlet Character Matching Game

Barnardo, Francisco, Mercellus"sentinels; officers in King of Denmark's army"
Horatio"Prince Hamlet's friend and confidante; fellow-student at Wittenberg"
Ghost, of dead King of Denmar"Prince Hamlet's father; brother of new King
Claudius"brother of dead King of Denmark; now King
Gertrude"Prince Hamlet's mother
PoloniusKing Claudius' advisor; father to Laertes and Ophelia
Reynaldo"Polonius' servant
Laertes"son to Polonius
Prince Hamlet"son of the late King
Voltemand and Cornelius"messengers to King of Norway from Claudius"
Ophelia"daughter to Polonius
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern"fellow students of Hamlet at Wittenberg; sent with Hamlet to England by Claudius to murder Hamle"t
Osric"messenger who summons Hamlet to duel with Laertes"
The Players"actors (adults) who formerly performed in the city
Grave diggers"two clowns (rustics) who are disinterring an old grave in order to make way for a new burial
Priest"Doctor of Divinity (church official) presiding at Ophelia's funeral"
Fortinbras"Prince of Norway whose father was killed by Hamlet's father; assumes throne of Denmark at play's end"
Ambassador"from England

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