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American colonial government & policies

The following game will provide you with information about colonial governments in America prior to the Revolutionary War.

PRIVY COUNCILThe king's principal advisors who set colonial policies.
PARLIAMENTThe lawmaking body of England.
GOVERNORSThe chief executive of each colony in America.
ASSEMBLIES / LEGISLATURESLocal laws were made by these bodies.
TOWN MEETINGSNew England communities ran their affairs through these gatherings.
COUNTY COURTSIn the Southern colonies local government was in the hands of these bodies.
JUSTICES OF THE PEACEThese were the chief officials for the county courts and appointed by the governor.
DOMINION OF NEW ENGLANDthis was the most serious attempt to unify the American colonies.
GLORIOUS REVOLUTIONThis is when King James was removed and William & Mary took over control of England.
MERCANTILISMThe policy of the colonies providing the necessary raw products for England and England providing the colonies with manufactured goods.
FAVORABLE BALANCE OF TRADEWhen England sold more than it bought.
NAVIGATION ACTSLaws passed by Parliament to regulate colonial buying & selling.
ENUMERATED ARTICLESCertain goods which colonial merchants could sell within the British Empire.
MAGNA CARTAThe document which provided for shared powers between the King of England and Parliament.
KING JAMESThe unpopular king who could not even raise an army to stay in power.
LORDS OF TRADEThe group who managed the American colonies for William II.
ROYAL NAVYThe enemy of American smugglers.

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