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Ecce 33: At Dinner - Vocab


mulsum, -i (N)wine sweetened with honey
ferculum, -i (N)dish, tray
gustatio, gustationis (F)first course
boletus, -i (M)mushroom
liquamen, liquaminis (N)garum
asperus, -a, -umsprinkled
pestilentia, -ae (F)plague
poculum, -i (N)cup, goblet
locus, -i (M)place
papina, -ae (F)eating house, bar
edo, esse, edi, esus (irreg)to eat
compleo, complere, complevi, completusto fill
irrumpo, irrumpere, irrupi, irruptusto burst in
de porco datum estsome pork was given
frustum, -i (N)scrap
una (adv)together
ceteri, -ae, -athe rest, the others
secundae mensae, -arum (F)the second course, dessert
uva, -ae (F)grape
pirum, -i (N)pear
passum, -i (N)raisin-wine
scindo, scindere, scidi, scissusto cut, split, carve

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