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Great Depression & New Deal Java Games U.S. Hist 07

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Franklin Rooseveltbelieved the government must get involved in the economy because it was a time of emergency
Herbert Hooverbelieved if the government becomes involved in the economy it would eventually destroy our freedoms
part of the New Deal Coaltionracial minorities, liberal farm groups & intellectuals
Lone Rangerpopular radio show which served as an escape during the Depression
bank failuresresulted from too many people withdrawing their money all at once
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?song which represents the Great Depression
bull marketwhen stock prices continue to rise
soup kitchensprivate charities set up to give the poor a meal
installment buyingbuying on credit
foreclosewhen creditors take possession of property
margin callbrokers can issue these in order to protect loans made by stockbrokers to investors
Dust Bowlstarting in 1932 this is how you could describe the Great Plains apstures & wheat fields
reliefHoover believed that only state & city governments should dole this out
bank runsmany depositors withdrawing money at once
shantytownscommunities of makeshift shacks
New DealRoosevelts policies during the Great Depression
farmersthe hardest hit during the Depression
Schechter v. U.S.Supreme Court case that struck down the National Industrial Recovery Act
Eleanor RooseveltFirst Lady who helped bring about change for African Americans & women
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporationcovered people's savings in banks against loss
Huey LongLouisiana Senator who championed the downtrodden but built a powerful & corrupt political machine
hobosunemployed Americans who wandered the country on railroads or by hitchhiking

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