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Animal Adaptations and Food Chains

5th grade science

mimicryto look or act like something else
migrationto move from place to place
hibernationto sleep through the winter
camouflageto hide by color
matureto be fully grown
tadploedeveloping frog
caterpillardeveloping butterfly
metamorphosisto change from one thing to another
extinctall of a species is dead
endangered speciesin danger of becoming extinct
habitatwhere an animal lives
hatches into a caterpillaregg
sunwhere all energy comes from
preyanimal hnted for food
predatoranimal that hunts
carnivoremeat eater
herbivoreplant eater
omnivoreeats plants and animals
producerplants that make their own food
consumeranimal that can't make own food
decomposereats dead things

John F. Kennedy Middle School

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