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Civics - Congress

Ch 9:Legislative branch

bicameraltwo houses
Great Compromiseset up bicameral Congress
Article Iestablished the Legislative branch of government
25minimum age to be member of House of Representatives
7number of years you must be a citizen to be a US Representative
435total number of members in US House of Representatives
2term of US Representatives
populationhow each states number of representatives is determined
gerrymanderingestablishing oddly-shaped districts for political reasons
30minimum age for Senators
9how long US Senators have to be citizens
6term length of Senators
100total number of Senators
$145,100 yearcurrent salary of Congressmen
27th Amendmentlimits Congressional pay raises
franking privilegessending job related mail without paying postage
immunitylegal protection in certain circumstances
expulsionpunishment for serious misconduct
censurepunishment for lesser offenses; formal disapproval
party whipkeeps track of party members' votes
Speaker of the Housemember of majority party in the House
President Pro Temporeofficially presides over Senate in Vice Presidents absence
President of the SenateVice President of the US
standing committeepermanent committee that specializes in a particular topic
select committeetemporary committee to deal with issues needing special attention
joint committeeincludes members of both Senate and House of Reps
committee membershipbased on seniority
expressed powersare written in the Constitution
implied powersbased on the elastic clause
impeachmentremoval of government official for wrong-doing
draw up impeachment articlesHouse of Reps
holds trial to determine guilt in impeachment trialsSenate
appropriations billsdeal with money and always begin in the House of Reps
approves foreign treaties and approves Presidential apptsSenate
billproposed law
pigeonholeset aside a bill; kills it
filibusterused by Senators to defeat a bill by continuously talking until bill is withdrawn
cloturelimits a filibuster to 1 hour
pocket vetono action taken by President, so bill dies
2/3Congressional votes needed to override Presidential veto

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